Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stay In The Lines

When I was young, I didn't have many toys or dolls, but the one thing that my mom gave me was colored construction paper to do art projects.  Once I got the paper, I would go to town using scissors and glue and markers and my imagination.  Lately, I've seen these adult coloring books around in all sorts of themes, and when I came across this fairy one, I couldn't resist. 

It's a fun hobby and is relaxing also.  I recommend them for sure.  I've always loved to color, and my first drawing was this one for Nel.  I still have to finish the wings.  ; )

I am going to start one for Jess soon and one for my son.  Jess' will be a couple to honor her marriage coming up.

I found I could say things
with color and shapes
that I couldn't say any other
way - things I had no
words for.
~Georgia O'Keeffe
I've seen the adult coloring books in
flower designs,
enchanted forest,
secret garden,
and many more.
Maybe you can find one
that appeals to you.



R's Rue said...


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh yes, everyone needs an adult coloring book! I love them~

Happy coloring!


It's me said...

So rekaxing .....happy week love Ria x


i was going to do a post on this too. these books are fun and sentimental. a lovely way to pass the time and make memories to treasure.

Susie said...

Sheri, My daughter got the Van Gogh coloring book. I have yet to color in it. But I will. Have fun, you can be a kid again. Blessings, love, xoxo, Susie

a writing place said...

Oh my! I had lovely large coloring books, with lovely drawings of the Stars of the 40's and 50's. I loved them so much, that I didn't want to color in the books themselves. So I copied the pictures, and colored them!!! :-)

I have not gotten any of these lovely new ones. Perhaps I should. :-)

And I did not put a click-able link, in my post, where I showed a picture of my "Victoria" magazines, which just came in the mail. I always leave click-able links!!! -blush-

So I leave it here!!!!! "Victoria" magazine

Hugs, Tessa

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your fairy coloring book is sure to bring you joy. I've seen these around, but have not picked one up. It's nice to find enjoyment in the simple pleasures that life presents. Have a great evening. ♥

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Sheri,

The fairy colouring book is lovely. They are so popular and I heard last month that they made up some of the top ten list on Amazon.
We bought our daughter one in France that had lovely French scenes.
Happy new week

Merlesworld said...

I'm a painter but have been buying these books for years they were very hard to get a few years back but now everywhere, they give me ideas and sometimes I paint them.

janice15 said...

How lovely.. I lobe fairies I will have to find one. I loved to draw and color. Happy Sunday dear with love Janice

Jeanie said...

I just bought my first -- Cats in Paris -- mostly to better learn how to draw cats but I have a feeling there was more to it than that in the back of my mind!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I've seen theses, and they're so tempting. Recently I saw an interesting one on YoungHouseLove. I was surprised because I thought they discontinued their blog. Anyway, it was awesome with tons of detail.

Have a relaxing week Sheri!


Carla from The River said...

I received a color book for my birthday. I have not colored in it yet, but I am so excited to start.

Red Rose Alley said...

I loved this post, mom, and I can't wait to see the colored picture you made for me. I'm totally going to frame it and hang it right above my desk. ( : Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

~ Nel

Alina said...

Very cute! A great activity for relaxation)

Joan said...

I like it to. I do color postcards to send away....

Optimistic Existentialist said...

My sister colors in an adult coloring book...she says it relaxes her :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one! I THINK THIS IS WONDERFUL. You know, when I asked one of my sophomore classes what they were dreaming of doing once school got out, one darling girl said, "I am going to color in a coloring book, poolside." She was sincere, and at first I thought it rather surprising for a 15 year old to say, but then I realized that we ALL have a bit of childhood left in us, and as I age, it seems to be increasing. May our teenagers find the strength to cultivate that early stage of coloring their world, and as adults, to plunge into the things that keep us young. HAVE A BLAST! And....unlike Georgia O'Keefe, I can't work with color, but WORDS are what I so love to play with!

francis said...

so happy you are a coloring-fan too. When I was in so much pain all the time BEFORE my new hips I discovered the comfort of coloring . I make my own round forms and I color with STABILO because of the brigth colors .
More brigth colors on my blogpost today . happy june for you !

francis said...

sorry for not writing the word BRIGHT correct

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I enjoy coloring too Sheri, as does my daughter Amanda.
We all have different ways to relax and unwind, cooking and gardening does that for me too.
I just know that your daughters will treasure and appreciate these gifts from your heart.
You are always such a loving Mother.

Anonymous said...

These are good exercise for the mind and the soul. I should pick one up one of these days.

Thank you for the flower comment. :) If I could, I would make a different flower arrangement every day. Right now, I look forward to that every weekend. How fun it would be to help out with Jess' flowers. Here's a tip, think outside the box (or should I say vase) for containers. Some fun ones are creamers, gravy boats (which I used for AJ's since her shower was right before Thanksgiving), and glasses, teacups, or stemware. Stemware, esp water goblets, work well. They have many at HomeGoods. <3
By the way, I LOVE that Fellini quote on your sidebar. <3 <3 <3

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This book with fairies would be my favorite. I have one in my wish list with Bible scriptures. Coloring is very calming and you can be creative too! Hugs!

LoveT. said...

Love it :)

lovely greetings an lots of Hugs!

Dewena said...

These things are huge now, aren't they? I have a cousin who has RA and it's so important for her to keep her fingers and hands flexible and she does amazing work in these books. It must really be good for stress as so many are coloring now. Much better for us than eating chocolate chip cookies to destress!

Barbara Lilian in France said...

What a lovely idea, I think I need to get myself a colouring book, Maybe it will get me back into doing watercolour painting again. Sometimes life just takes over and I can never find time to do the things I know I love doing.

Saimi said...

Wow, a coloring book for adults! I can see how it would be relaxing and we all could use some relaxation in our busy lives! Very nice!

Terri said...

I've got one and I love it!

Beauty Follower said...

I used to have colouring books when I was child too!

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for following us. I appreciate it so much. I wish I could find a link for you, so I could visit you as well. If you have one, please let us know. :)


Lowcarb team member said...

These books are very popular and as you say, come in so many designs and themes.

Just love your colouring here, the choice of colour you've used is very nice.

All the best Jan

Teresa said...

So this is it.
Thank you for visiting though lately it takes me so much time to reply and thank your lovely comments on my blog.
I gifted one of these books to a friend last Christmas. It was a Japanese lovely story of a little girl that goes picking on a clock and falls into an enchanted home. The person I gifted it to is a romantic and dreamy soul like yourself and it was sucess.
I don't think I have many patience for painting. The occasiona diy? Count me in but something like this I do't think I could pull it of ahahahaha
Enjoy coloring your gifts Dear Friend!

Unknown said...

Some the the fondest memories I have of my two girls was that of us coloring together and lending to oneanother our imaginations and thoughts. I recall one time my youngest was contemplating which color to use and I asked her "What is your favorite color?", to which she replied "You're my favorite color, you're a rainbow". My heart swelled, eyes welled, I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I then took the colors of the rainbow and rubber-banned them together so she could finish her page.

Sheri, Thank you for sharing such a lovely post and perhaps one day soon I can get the girls to sit down with me to color a page to post in my blog. For old times sake.


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Lovely, Sheri! A wonderful way to enjoy a summer afternoon! Hugs to you xo Karen

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Sheri, I have a Paris coloring book. Whenever I think of our romantic trip we took there, I color. Happy Coloring!!