Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pet Peeves Of Blogging

Today, I want to talk about some of the "pet peeves"  that I have in blogging.  I really enjoy blogging, and I love my friends dearly, however, there are a few things that don't sit right with me, and I'll tell you what they are.   Now, please forgive me if you do some of these things, as our blogs are our own, and I respect everyone's individuality......these are just a few things that irritate me.

1.  Looooong posts.  We have so many posts that 
     we look at every day, and it just makes it hard
     for me to read the posts that are sooooo long
     and detailed.

2.  Friends who don't bother to comment.  I think
     part of blogging is communication, and we
     love to read the comments that people give us,
     so I think that if we want to receive comments,
     we should give them as well.

3.  Answering someone's questions on your own
     post.  What's that all about?  How many people
     really ever go back to the friend's blog post to
     see the answer of a question they asked?  When
     someone asks me a question, I like to go 
     straight to their blog and deliver the answer, 
     or send them an e-mail.   I know people are
     busy, but I feel it's a thoughtful thing to do.

4.  Toooo large of pictures.  I don't like to see
     pictures that are SO BIG that we have to scroll
     up and down and backwards and forwards to
     view them (the ones that cover the whole 
     page).   I love photography, but when I can't
     see the full picture right from the start, it's hard
     to appreciate it.

5.  Blog posts that freeze up on me.  There have
     been a few blogs that I really liked but don't
     visit any more because they freeze up on me
     every time I do.

6.  Watching everything we say to some sensitive
      bloggers.  You mean a lot to me, and I have 
      become close to many of you, so I want you to
      be able to talk to me and tell me your thoughts.
      I like when you mention some of your 
      experiences, and I'm interested in your stories
      too.   So, you don't have to watch everything
      you say to this girl.  I appreciate your honesty,
      I really do.

Well, that's just a few of the "pet peeves" of blogging that I have.  Now it's your turn, please tell us some of the things that bother you in blogging, and maybe we can learn from each other.

Edward Cucuel



Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Sheri
Have I got any pet peeves with blogging? - Well no, I don't think I have.

I have my favourite blogs that I visit, and sometimes it may be a short post I read, sometimes a longer one. Every person's blog is individual and I think that's great.

I do always try to reply to comments, but again this is for each blogger to decide how he / she wishes to correspond.

Surely we do our blogging because we enjoy it - sure there may be glitches along the way but that is life, and at times we need to be patient.

With regard to the 'freezing' you state, I know you have commented on this before. It is not something I've personally come across. I believe most blogs are either courtesy of google / wordpress etc so it may not be anything to do with the individuals blog, just the speed in which the inter-web at times works.

Any way on a positive note ... I hope all is well with you, enjoy your weekend, and I look forward to reading your next post.

All the best Jan

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Sheri, Ooh this was an interesting post.... I believe I am one of the culprits which you mention. I do write long posts and I also include large pictures..... but of course I do not take offence, because this is my style of blogging. As Jan mentioned we all have different styles of blogging and my style suits me. I have checked how my blog looks on an iphone, and the photos work well.... they can be seen really well.
90% of the time, I do reply to comments,the other 10% of the time is when life here becomes a little too busy. I have discovered that on the occasions when I don't reply to a comment, I have been known to receive an email, mentioning that I have not responded to a certain comment.
I love visiting you, but I am not always able to leave a comment.... but that does not stop me enjoying your blog.
As personalities differ, so do our blogs.
Have a lovely day today.
Best Wishes to you.

Ivy and Elephants said...

I have one, too. So many pop up ads that you can't navigate the page!
I want to hear from you, not buy a car! I don,t mind them on the sides, but those on top of the text are a pain!

Lucy martin said...

Hi Sheri, This was very interesting indeed. Pet peeves are everywhere it seems!
I understand and really admire your frankness and honesty...
I may also be one of your culprits...about commenting; yes I love reading the few I get on mine, they are special. but I always remind myself that is not why I am blogging...Yes, it is relational but also a small creative outlet in a vast and daunting at times world of expression.
I don't always comment though because honestly sometimes I don't have the emotional energy required to leave one.I would never want somebody to leave one out of duty alone.
Thank you Sheri. You are a gem. Lucy~

Deserae said...

I think this an issue that a lot of people tip toe around because no one wants to be the bad blogger that complains about a fellow blogger. Some of my pet peeves are the same as yours. I quit reading a lot of blogs because I hate the blogs that have so much stuff on their page that I can't see the current blog post without hunting or digging around. I also dislike the ads that are attached to the pictures. Ads in the side bars or under the posts are fine I understand everyone wants to make money....I also dislike the pop up ads or the surveys that follow you down the page or don't allow you to exit them. I also cannot stand the box that pops up and asks you to subscribe to their blog. It is sad but I only read a handful of blogs now on a regular basis because of these things. Sadly I doubt anything will change because a lot of people don't care about their readers feelings, only about the money!!!! I didn't realize the big pictures on my own blog were a turnoff so I will work on that. It's good to know what works and what doesn't :o)
Have a great weekend!!!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Hi Sheri,
I like many others really no not like Pop ups and even ads can be annoying. Especially those that cover photos and you have to maneuver around. Blogs that crash or freeze up are also peeves of mine. So pop up blogs and crashing blogs I do not visit.
Have an enjoyable weekend.

Dewena said...

Sheri, just lost a lengthy comment before hitting publish. Have not had my breakfast or fed my dogs so will have to come back later today to try again.

An interesting post, dear friend, done in a sweet spirit to get the conversation rolling.
Back later,

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Amen to all of the above, although I usually answer my follow up questions directly on my blog, but I have gone the extra mile to email when it's a really important question. Besides, people can click the little box to receive follow-up comments.

Let me also add "1" more... I don't want to have to give my life away just to comment on one site and I think there are some sites that go out of the way to make it hard, if not impossible, to even leave a comment. I have the Anonymous choice open on my site and make sure everyone feels free to participate. They don't have to have a blog or sign in to any program to be involved. There is one blog where I'd love to comment, but refuse to allow them to intrude my computer with their cookies.

Thank you for this insightful post. I'm going to try and not commit any of these blog crimes!

Blessings, Net

janice15 said...

I honestly feel if you meaning anyone doesn't like my blog they don't have to visit..simple.. I don't need a thousand people where I don't know who anyone is and I can't remember who they are I don't need to have give aways to gain folks and I don't like the hundred pop ups either when you do visit a page.. you can't enjoy your visit because people become to professional with Autumn with love Janice

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

1. Loooooong posts.... Agreed. Included in this, people who seem to save up a bunch-of-posts-worthy-things, and put all of them, in one looooong post. -sigh-

2. Friends who don't bother to comment.... Thank You!!! I feel I am the only one, who is peeved at this. Thank you for saying it!!!

2A. Maybe if people are reading so many blogs, that they say they don't have enough time to comment... Maybe they could read less in number????? I concentrate on about 30, and not all of them post every day. I do not try to look at a zillion blogs.

3. Down with answering questions or making reply comments, on your own blog!!! Don't do all this email replying either. Just read/comment on their blogs.

4. Too large pics. I am guilty of this, to some. But blogs I love and easily read, have big pics.

5. Post freeze up. I have not had this experience.

6. Sensitive people. If anyone feels I am, please stop feeling so. Say what you want, in a nice way, of course. If we differ, we can talk about it.------ You told me when my blog was too wide and etc., and I was glad to hear it!!!!!!!!!

Oh that precious illustration!!!! -happy sigh-

And of course, these are my feelings. Which were requested. If anyone doesn't agree, please don't be offended, by mine.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

And tooooooo many adds!!!!!

I can not stand to have to navigate, around and among adds.

Only way to deal with this, is to stop reading there. But I can't do that, without telling the person, why I am no longer reading there.

And that can be a minefield. -sigh-


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Tessa, you are a gem. :)

love you. ~Sheri

Imogen said...

I love this post because I've wanted to write a similar one for ages. I agree with them all but especially not commenting on other blogs. It's really important and means a lot to the recipient. Also the one about replying to questions!! Definitely think this content should be on the blog of the person who asked the question. My main issue with blogging is the self promotion- like a one word comment and then check out my blog and heaps of links after it- anything along those lines. I also get annoyed by generic and thoughtless comments such a 'great post.'

Linda said...

I share several of your peeves! Oh, and I hope my blog posts aren't to looooong for you! LOL! Hope your weekend is going well. Hugs. :)


Well, I'm probably a culprit there I'm sure, as I am not prefect; but, number 3 is not my fav either and those pop up adds I get right in front of the picture I'm looking at, lol!
Otherwise we all love blogging and yes, it goes both ways, you comment, they comment and I think we all know when we answer, which is part of the fun of blogging and do love all my friends, and miss the ones I don't see around anymore.
I do love, love blogging... I blog when I'm sad and worried, I start to think of a tablescape, or I change around the decorating around the house. Yes, for me in even therapeutic!
Hugs and thanks for sharing your thoughts,

Susie said...

Sheri, I agree about super long blogs. I like seeing many pictures, but not ten of the same things that never varies . I blog for the fun of it and meeting great people, like you and so many I am not going to waste my time reading political things, I have TV and the newspapers for that. I am not going to leave mean comments. If I have any question in my mind as to how I can answer, I may skip leaving a comment. Life is too short to be mean :) Yes, I may be a Pollyanna. LOL. I do believe in God and I pray for everyone. I appreciate prayers for my family and me. I have gotten close to some great people that I now call my friends . You are one of my dear friends. Love, Susie

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Sheri..
ha good thing my posts are short..LOL
love the post..yes somethings are irritating..
hope your day is wonderful....

Barbara Lilian said...

I totally agree with you on your ''pet peeves of blogging '' Sometimes I'd rather just see nice photos than a whole post of words, that go on & on. Since my break away I haven't even had time to make a post on my own blog and I'm afraid I haven't even had time to read most of the blogs I follow. I like to write my blog & it's nice to receive comments, which lets you know it is enjoyed by others. I only found out the other day a very good friend of mine reads my posts, I never knew, as she never writes a comment. I always enjoy seeing the lovely pictures you choose for your posts. Enjoy your weekend. Dear friend.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Sheri,
I think everyone has their own style of blogging, and I guess it is just up to each individual to decide if they care to visit blogs that are too long or very large photos... Although I do leave an answer sometimes on my blog, I usually respond back to my blogger friends on their blog. What really bothers me is when blogger has a glitch I guess, and it takes me several attempts to leave a comment...

I just LOVE this painting... Amazing artwork. How wonderful it would be to be that talented.
Wishing you a peaceful weekend, dear friend

Rosa Lily said...

Difficult one this, yes I would love to have everyone who I comment on return the favour, but I don't 'expect' it - perhaps they don't like the content or a million other reasons. My blog is something I have loved doing for 6 years but I don't expect everyone else to feel the same way :) As for other peeves - no nothing - if I land on a blog that annoys me for some reason I don't bother again.

Linda said...

Hi Sheri,

I forgot to mention that I also prefer when my readers and visitors comment, but I do have some that, for whatever reason, don't, but it is fine, that is their choice. I even have some readers that visit and do not comment, yet they have my blog listed very visibly on their readers' list for blogs they follow, and I do appreciate this. By the way, I just sent you an e-mail. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs. :)

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

I share some of those pet peeves with you Sheri, the main one being about the ads… I find it very annoying and distracting and takes away from the beautiful images and writing. As far as commenting goes, I don't get many comments, but when I do I am so excited and flattered, and I always try to reciprocate . I like your honesty Sheri, I believe that communication is so very important in relationships.
Have a wonderful Fall weekend…

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Sheri. Amen. That's all I have to say. Oh, and the pop-up ads....what is up with that? I adore the artwork at the bottom of your post. One of my very favorite artists and genre. Hugs and happy weekend to you! xo k

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I don't care for the pop up ads that come across the blogs when you read them, so therefore don't' visit them anymore. Seems to me there are many lookers on blogs but less comments at least that is what I am seeing.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Sheri,
Oh I just mentioned that I sometimes answer on my blog because I do..
You are such a dear blogger friend, I always look forward to your visits, and truly enjoy your posts..
I can't get over this painting.. They are so beautiful, and I love the transparency of the deep dark water.

LoveT. said...

True Points!

Have a wonderful weekend Sheri ,lovely Greets <3

Jan Tanis said...

I've read peeves posted by others and have even posted about my peeves - but that was some time ago.

I'm always surprised when the peeve about others not commenting on our own blogs. I've always thought that if people that visit me and haven't found anything worthy of a comment filled with kind words...I'm glad they didn't leave one. And if anyone is so busy [much like I've been all summer] to leave a comment, at least they're visiting. Honestly, sometimes, with the best of intentions, I read blog posts and I either can't find something I'm that "INTO" and thereby don't have a good reply...and I leave without commenting.

As for Blog Friends...Over many, many years...over 8 years blogging...I can actually say I have 2 Friends. Or, are they acquaintances? We don't see each other, call each other or email very often. We usually do comment on each other's posts...which I dearly love. But...we're not involved in each other's daily, weekly or even monthly lives. I don't know a whole lot about them other than what they post. And they don't know a ton about me either. So are we really friends? I hate to put too much on a Visitor to my Blog...I'm just happy they've come.

Someone mentioned Give-Aways in their comment - I've done them. It's not given me any new Friends to speak of. I send off the free "pretties", the receiver generally posts about having received it and that's that! I do Give-Aways for the heck of it.

The length of blog posts doesn't bother me. I read til I can. If I'm not into the post...I move on. Other times, I feel I'd read a novel if that's what their post was.

We're all individuals. We almost always expect too much from people.

Do we always give to others what we expect to receive from others ourselves? I know I don't.

Jan ♥

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Hi! Hi! Me again! Just witchy enough to think of another one!!! -smirk-

This one is very rare these days. The itsy-bitsy-narrow-space, in the middle of the page, where all the pics and words are crammed in. And one has to keep scrolling and scrolling down, to see/read all of the post. Gracious!!!!

Really, there aren't many left today. Most everyone has "seen the light" and has made their main blog part, wider.

OK, I will cease now. ,-) I have used your wonderful post comments, to set out my views, long enough. Thank you again, for doing this.


Dewena said...

Back to try again, Sheri!

1. Long posts, I'm so guilty of this. I'm going to try to do better, but there will be exceptions when I have family themed posts with extra pics to get in. Maybe I should head those posts, For Family, No One Else Expected to Look!

2. Not commenting, I believe the only time I might have done this with true blog friends is when I'm trying to visit at night and my brain just can't come up with words that don't sound trite. And there are many blogs I visit where I have never commented but love to read them. For example: all of the gorgeous blogs by women living in France. I love to read them but I don't comment because I think if they clicked on my blog in return, how boring it would be to them. And they have so many beautiful comments left for them anyway. But that doesn't mean that I don't love love love reading them.

3. Answering questions, and I assume you mean not just questions but simply replying to each comment there on the page? I've tried both ways and stopped because of the very reason you stated, people don't often have time to come back and look for replies. However, I sometimes do check backwards on other blogs when I know they do this because it is a little message that they leave.

Also, some blogs really seem to get a conversation going in the comments section and that can be fun to read.

But one of the reasons I stopped blogging on my old blog was that it got to be too much for me: I would reply to the comment, then visit their blog and leave a comment, and then email them. And I fell further and further behind. I doubt this one particular point of yours will ever be resolved to every blogger's satisfaction!

4. large pics: Since I switched from Safari to Firefox I can no longer enlarge content on blogs I visit, not sure why. But I love large pictures.

5. frozen frames? I've never understood why this happens with some blogs I visit or even if mine does when others are viewing it?

6. sensitive bloggers: Hello! I'm a sensitive blogger! I'm going to cry if you leave a nasty comment for me! And I've learned now to stop reading a blog post of even good blog friends if it's about something really upsetting going on in the news. I can't watch the news much anymore and I don't need it fed back to me on blogs. However, it is their blog and they can post anything they want to. I'll be back for the next post that will probably be more to my enjoyment.

My own personal pet peeve? Any posts by anyone about how right their side is and how stupid others must be because they don't agree with them. We all have different views on politics, religion, etc. Different values. If we could discuss them in a civilized manner and exchange viewpoints that would be wonderful. But no demeaning others because they don't agree with the blogger, please.

I'm going to go on and offend anyone who doesn't think comments should be long, because I'd like to tell you about a blog I read every single time there's a new post, and have read for years.

She's young and fascinating and I admire her so much. She has never responded in any way to any of my comments, never visited my blog as far as I know. She has pop up subscription notices that I have to click off every time. She even had to cancel an e-magazine subscription after I had paid 2 years, without any offer to reimburse. She's working on a cookbook now. And guess what? I'll be buying it. And I will continue to read each post. Because I enjoy her blog so very much. That's what we do, if we love it enough we're going to read it. Even when they're not our blog friends.

But true blog friends? We'll put up with about anything from them and they do from us. And there will probably never be an agreement about some of these peeves of ours!

Love you, gracious Sheri,

Merlesworld said...

You have hit a nerve here, lot's of long comments.
If I have problems I shut up the computer and we have a rest from each other for a few days.

It's me said...

Love your blog always a pleasure to read you.....lovely sunday love love love Ria x

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Oh Sheri, I am very new to blogging--I try to comment on my blog to all of my commenters! If this is wrong I'm sorry, but I have blogging friends that I patterned this way of responding after. Each of our blogs is a personal expression of our own lives. I have one friend who considers it her journal and not a blog as such. We all have the choice to read or not. I do hope I have not offended anyone. As far as long posts, I feel no compunction to read if it doesn't interest me. I hope you lovely weekend. ♥

Terra said...

I agree with the points you list and have none to add. If I read a post, I almost always comment on it which makes it a two way conversation. I like the painting you include, it looks very Pre-Raphaelite, which group includes my favorite painters.

Lottie said...

Sometimes, due to medical issues with my hands, I don't leave a comment or I just type "Great Post". But I do enjoy your blog!

Stephanie said...

Amen, amen, and AMEN! You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Everything you said I agree with. I hardly ever go back and check my comments on other blogs to see if the person wrote back simply because I just don't have time and I don't think about it.

So, so, so true about leaving comments. Blogging really is about communication and connecting with others. I think others are missing out when they don't correspond with other bloggers because as we know blogging friends are a tremendous blessing and treasure!

I'm not sure if I have any other pet peeves since you listed them all {{smiles}} I do get frustrated with pop-up adds or other pop-up things.

Thanks for such a great post, my friend. You're the best! Love you!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning Sheri!

You have covered EVERYTHING that I found to be part of my blogging experience. After all is said and done, it's all about COMMUNICATION and VALIDATING each other and practicing the courtesy of acknowledging the other person.

I will say it right here: I QUITE MY BLOG because of the HUGE number of people that started to drop visiting me since I started to share my own photos. My life is too busy to keep trying to please those who don't even care enough to communicate with me. I love you, I love a dedicated few whose kindness and acknowledgement through the years has proved faithful and have made my experience a joy. To those of YOU, I still visit, but my busy teaching life has dictated to me that I must move on. What a shame, non?

I agree with you. Thank you for being brave enough to tell it like it is. LOVE YOU!

Patricia said...

Wow, Sheri, what a lot of interesting comments. Your post sums up many issues, most of which I have not thought about very much. Yes, ads and pop-ups annoy me too, as do blogs where in order to comment you have to give all your personal contact details and join something first. I don't comply with that. But if I like the blog, I continue to read it. My blog is powered by Blogger and I like the little reply button they give me to respond to my commenters. I enjoy the 'conversation' I have with other women in this way, and often they give a further response to my reply. And, yes, I do go back to the blogs where the blogger posts her response, after about 24 hours, to check back in. As I know which bloggers do it this way, it does not take up much of my time. Personal preference here, and we all love blogging - that's why we do it, and the creative outlet is different with each individual. I do enjoy your posts and pictures very much indeed, dear Sheri. xx

Aida said...

Hello dear Sheri, just dropping by to say good day. Today is the first time I've posted for over a month. I do miss my blog friends, I just feel a little guilty as I spent a lot of time in my Instagram.
I hope I am not one of those bloggers that has blog issue.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Sola Scriptura said...

I can relate to your entire list. You said it like it is :) I hope you're having a great weekend. Hugs, Lauren

Antee Gurung said...

Hi dear!!

It been long I have been away from the blogospher just wanted to say hi and yeah totally get what you trying to say? Except for the high resolution picture which i am peculiar about and i just love clear pictures hehee btw love the way you write and post about different topics!!


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Sheri - thought I'd come back and read through the comments you've received and people's views.

I have to say Dewena posted my favourite and I repeat it here:

"But true blog friends? We'll put up with about anything from them and they do from us. And there will probably never be an agreement about some of these peeves of ours!"

I hope you've had a peaceful Sunday ... many thanks for your recent comment on the low carb diabetic blog.

Have a happy week ahead

All the best Jan

Carla from The River said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
I am with you about the comments. I think the conversation is always nice and it is nice to give some of that back. :-))
I appreciate when people are honest as well.

Susie Swanson said...

Ohhhh, I do agree and hope mine is not to long. I do get carried away with my short stories . lol I always love to visit everyone and may not be able to read all of their post but try to leave a short comment.. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Hugs and Love, xo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I agree with your comments. I have to admit that sometimes I get carried away with a long blog, but I don't post that often.

One of my pet peeves - to small of print, I enlarge it then I have to keep going back and forth.

There are a few blogger that I really like and they NEVER, EVER answer a comment that I make, so I read their post but never comment on their post anymore.

I hate those pop up that come into the post and you can't get out of them.

Great post Sheri.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Yes, Dewena, as always, has said it best. As bloggers there always has and always will be pet peeves that we each have. Some of us dislike loooong posts (raising hand here), some of us dislike small, dark pics (raising hand here again), some of us dislike large photos, small photos, or no photos at all.

As for replying to comments, I think what a lot of bloggers don't realize is there are plugins that they can install that will notify someone when they have answered their comment, making it unnecessary to randomly check back to see if in fact that is the case. If you ask me a question on my blog, I will answer it there, since the answer might be of interest to others. If you don't ask a question, I don't typically respond to your comment, but I will most certainly pay you a visit and return the favor.

I have had some blogs freeze up on me. Actually one that has commented here in particular. She has a lovely blog, but I've never been able to 'hang out' there because of that.

Pop ups are annoying, but what's even more annoying are the social media icons on the side of the screen that block the text! And lately, I've noticed some themes that are truly awful but becoming more and more popular..,you know,the ones that you have to scroll up, see an advertisement screen, then the post, and it continues ad infinitum.

It's good to express out peeves every now and then Sheri. Helps keep our blog pressure in check ;).

Dave Vasquez said...

I've no major peeves, aside from political/religious blogs. Especially those who's post are that of an uninformed, uneducated, or outlandish nature. Like others here, I get enough from the media. I just don't pay any mind nor effort commenting.

I visit/read lots of blogs, but don't always comment on them. I do respond to comments left on my blogs though. Perhaps not always in a timely fashion as I'd love, but as we all know, life often get in the way.

This blog I love, always fresh, always a pleasure to read/view.

We may not always be in agreement on matters, but it's the fact that we all blog that matters. To each their own.


Teresa said...

I used to have pet peeves about blogging. I realized it wasn't about blogging but world in general. What are blogs made of? People. So it's not the blogs t's the people in, behind the blog.
So like in my life I decided to forgo the ego thing and treasure, honor and love beyond words and photos the people. And the ones truly wonderful that live in this, and that, world make up for all the ugliness that lives inside so many.
I wouldn't trade a "HI" from you for a long response and "Teresa is The Best EVER" from the most powerful blogger there is in the entire world. Or a real person. So my ego lives perfectly with the bruises and disappointments because YOU EXIST. YOU ARE part of my world, blogging or not. And all you pet peeves are a resume of what's wrong with the world:

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope"

(By charity it means all there is sympathy, kindness, thoughtfulness...)

Today I celebrate YOU! Just as you are, when you are that is so great and so often. Always!

Love you,


Rue said...

Hmmm... I'm wondering if my pictures are too big now LOL

1. I think my posts are pretty average in length, unless I'm ranting ;) I do know what you mean though. There's a blogger that I read and when I'm catching up with her, it takes at least 2 hours to read everything she wrote on her last few posts. I've learned to skim them to see if there's anything major going on in her life that I need to comment on. Sweet gal, but very wordy.

2. I comment back to everyone that comments on my posts and that takes awhile, so that's why you don't see me comment every time you or anyone else posts.

Sweet Tessa mentioned reading fewer blogs, but I can't just comment on a few blogs. I feel that if they take the time to comment on mine I should comment on theirs.

3. I answer the non-bloggers comments on my posts, because they're usually non-reply. The only other time I answer them is if it's a question that others might want to see. I don't mind if others do that though.

4. I'm the opposite and don't like super small pictures ;)

5. I haven't come across the freezing problem, although some take a long time to load.

6. I'm honest to a fault, but there are some rules when dealing with bloggers. Although I have quite the potty mouth, I try not to use that language, because it would offend a lot of people that read my blog. Also, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if I really hate something. There's been quite a few posts that I've written halfway through and erased, because I know for a fact that it would upset more than half of my readers. There's some things that just need to be left alone. I'm sure you know what I mean ;)

As far as my pet peeves...

Rude commenters- I haven't really had to much of a problem with it, but I see it quite a lot on other blogs and I think they just need to walk away from the blog if it's upsetting them. A good rule of thumb is... If you wouldn't like it said to you then don't say it to them.

Armchair decorators- If they didn't ask, then why are you giving an opinion?

Bloggers that go on and on about how perfect their life is. Nobody's life is perfect, so why are they lying? To convince themselves? To make their readers feel bad about their lives? I'm not buying any of it about your perfect husband and your children that are angels. I've been married and I've had kids that I love, but come on! My grandfather always said that it's the couples that look perfect that usually have the most problems and from my experience he's right.

And on the other side...

Bloggers that complain about their lives in every post. Unless you've gone through something tragic, life just ain't that bad. Look for the rainbows in life.

So there's my long comment for the day LOL


Vintage Girl 901 said...

I certainly agree. I wrote a post like this exactly a year or so ago and I got negative feedback from some who said this is the way they make money. I thought, not if we don't have time to read it. I have ADD big time and although sometimes I ramble and mine are long too, I prefer to read quickly because I get bored and can't sit for long. Kudos to you!

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, my friend, you nailed it! :) I posted a couple of things today, as you are aware. Two additional things I thought of:
~ tiny print in a light grey - my eyes aren't what they used to be.
~ word verification!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, I can't see those either and they take too much time.

Of course, everyone is different and blogs are for the one that owns them. Lots of interesting comments here...thanks for sharing!


Jeri Landers said...

Ah. Very interesting subject. I could add a few peeves here myself, but first I will comment on yours. When I ask someone a direct question on their blog, such as " What kind of wallpaper is that?" I go back to the blog to get the answer,after all, I did ask the question. I don't expect them to stop what they are doing and go to my blog to answer it. But, on the other hand, if I regularly leave comments on someones blog and never, ever receive even one comment from them,it is disturbing. Super long posts can be aggravating too; I can be guilty of that, but I always give the reader a heads up warning "long post here!" Also, it is nice to be placed on someones blog list, very flattering, but there is a blogger that puts me on her blog list, takes me off her blog list, puts me back on her blog list and on and on. I find it very confusing, often wondering "so what did I do to offend her this week?!"

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Sheri,

Such an interesting post and I so agree with all you have shared.
No 2 is a really good one and it is lovely getting comments back and to receive them, we have to give them.
Blogging is a fun way to make friends, encourage each other and get inspiration and new ideas.
Thank you for being such a wonderful blog friend and I enjoy all the lovely things you have to share.
Happy October

abrianna said...

Is my blog taking a long time to load? Every so often I have to delete all posts and start over since mine is such a heavy photo blog. You know I go in spurts with your blog-this past month with all the biblical holidays and a new way of doing school has really gotten me off my game as as I am unable to post my late Sunday and Monday posts. One more and then I hope to be back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Several interesting comments here. I tend to believe that our difference is what makes us special, not just in the blogging world, but in life. One person's peeve could be another's personal style, and even the girls at Red Rose Alley don't always agree on things like the ideal length of a post, or the topics we individually cover, or the design of a new header, etc. I personally see the value of blogging as creative expression, and I tend to gravitate toward blogs that focus on the beauty in this world, but there's a time, place, and readership for it all. Keep filling the world with your words blog friends!

Anonymous said...

I agree with every point you've made here, Sheri ... with the exception of replying to readers on our page. I used to think the same thing until I learned that some pages, especially on WordPress, show replies on our dashboard and/or email. I also learned that sometimes readers who visit after a response can actually learn something, such as the answer to the previous reader's question. What I do feel strongly about is returning that response with a visit to my visitor's page, and sometimes even a more detailed email response.
Always good to visit with you, love. I apologize my visits are a little slower these days, with the wedding approaching so quickly.
Was great catching up today.