Friday, March 20, 2015

My First Spring Flowers

Sheri, Sheri quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
I planted my first spring flowers at our new home, and they are called ranunculas.  Are you familiar?  It's a sturdy and pretty flower, and is doing well so far.

Husband is prepping the garden so that we can plant some vegetables and herbs.......tomatoes (is there anything like home grown tomatoes?), squash (green and yellow), bellpeppers (green, orange, and red), onions, garlic, and possibly strawberries, we'll see.

It was so good to dig deep under the soil and feel the earth again.

Since then, a few more flowers have started to bloom.

This is a statue that my sister gave me many years ago.  It's special to me, as I stayed home with my children and were with them always.

I may plant some roses this weekend, but I'm not sure if it's too early or not.  I'll keep you updated with the progress of my garden, and you can help me along the way with advise and tips.  Yes, planting a garden and watching it grow will bring this girl much pleasure, indeed.



Deserae said...

Your flowers are so the little statue too!

Susie said...

Sheri, I can see why the statue is precious to you. It has meaning. Love the flowers, they look rose like. It's fun digging in dirt. Yes, you will love having fresh veggies on hand. Blessings for your 1st day of spring, xoxo,Susie

It's me said...

Lovely...!!!!....happy Ria...x!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Hello Sheri's new blooms!
Hello lovely friend!
Happy Spring!

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Sheri, Isn't it marvellous to be able to plan your garden from scratch. To create exactly what suits you. There is nothing like growing your own vegetables, the flavour is like nothing else.
I love the colour of your flower, is it a rinuncula although it almost could be a rose....which I know it isn't, but the flower looks like one. Isn't it lovely to have colour in the garden again. I have some primula which are flowering and they make me smile each time I look at them.
Have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes

Stephanie said...

Oh Sheri, you are so lucky to be planting flowers! I will have to wait until the end of May... but at least I can enjoy your pretties :)

Spring hugs to you, sweet friend!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful flowers and what a sweet statute to have had all these years. Am I dreaming or did you move and that is your new place?
Happy first day of Spring to you! xo Diana

Dewena said...

I've never grown ranunculus but need to as yours are beautiful. Will you cut some for inside? Your plans for all those vegetables make me crave the summer's bounty!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I am heading out to the garden today to start some seeds. I have already planted my tomatoes, zucchini and cuke plants and they are doing very well. I also put some mixed lettuce seeds in a pot and they are sprouting.

I also love roses to much. I'm not sure you live, but I'm pretty sure you plant them now. Check with your nursery or check out google.
Stop by my latest post and see some of my roses in bloom.
Your gonna love home grown tomatoes.
Have a wonderful weekend Sherri.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

oh what beautiful flowers! and with rain drops or dew, on them, too. purrrrrrfect.

but sigh, we are still all covered with snow, and remaining bits of ice. there is no real thought of turning the earth...

just the thought of all the spring clean up, which will have to be done first. -chuckle-

and since we are "olden" I say we have it done by some strong young men, this year!!!! and after it's all "neated-up", we can work on keeping it up. :-))))

Tessa in the cold NE

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Sheri, you are just in time for spring… Your Ranunulus are gorgeous, I love that they return each year… Looks like hubby has a good garden plan going. I'm sure you are happy to be gardening again.
Happy Spring weekend.

Barbara Lilian said...

Those pretty ranuncula do look pretty. have you planned out your planting yet, such as colour and height ? What about Lavender does that grow well in your area ? Pink roses would be a good choice to mix with blues and mauve. Do you get frost where you live, if not now's the time for planting roses, but ask at your garden nursery and they will advice you when it's time. Choose a time of day when they're not too busy ( early morning) & someone will only be too glad to help and advise you on what will mix well together. Happy gardening and enjoy all those lovely vegetables you are going to grow.

syros2js said...

Oh, how nice!!!
We have this king of flowers in our garden!!
And the name is almost the same: nerangules!
Have a lovely weekend, Sheri!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy first day of spring!
I love your ranunculi's Sheri!
I grew them years ago when I lived in Torrance, but the grubs always ate the roots. As long as you are past any really cold weather, now would be a good time to plant your roses.
My roses have buds for days and are starting to bloom..
I just adore you statue... I had never seen one quite like this.. Beautiful!
Isn't it wonderful to be out and get your hands in the earth?
Thank you for coming by again..

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the picture of the dirty hand! There's nowt quite like digging soil with bare hands. Suzy x

angie said...

sheri, I love their flowers and the statue !!!!! I wish you a nice weekend, my friend !!! love greetings from angie

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Doesn't it feel so good to play in the dirt? I love ranunculas - they are almost as pretty as roses, I think! It looks like you are going to have a wonderful garden. I agree, there is nothing like a home-grown tomato! One of the best things in life! Have fun and hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend. Hugs xo Karen


Your new garden will be beautiful indeed. Those flowers are very pretty. The veggies will be delicious I know. Those strawberries will be scrumptious too. Sadly I do not have a garden but I will get get joy in seeing yours grow. Please post lots of pictures.

Saesa Canta said...

I fiori sono stupendi...Ma la statuetta è qualcosa di meraviglioso....
ciao Sheri
un abbraccio

Beauty Follower said...

Fantastic colour! Lovely flowers indeed :)

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο :)

Sola Scriptura said...

It looks like you've been working hard in the garden. How beautiful!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one....I had of course, a usual busy work week and a Friday that invited me to just FLOP after dinner, so I didn't get around to my computer. But what a joy it is to see a few bloggers share their GARDEN GEMS! OHHHH! I am so thrilled to see you dear California pals and your blooms! This is spectacular! Isn't it a great feeling to get your hands dirty? As children, we loved to play in the mud, to run and get dirty and stay out all day and evening until our mothers called us. Now, we enjoy getting our hands dirty to link up to our mother earth...and it is good.

I saw my first robin yesterday! WOO HOO! But we won't be seeing any color here until maybe the end of April or mid-May!

Much love dear one. Anita

Brandi said...

I've always dreamed of a yard filled with white ranunculas and peonies. Yours are so beautiful. Happy Gardening!

Weekend-Windup said...

I know you will be very much excited to have your first plant with flower. It looks really good. The color of the flower is very pleasant for our eyes.
I too love gardening which gives us peace to our mind.

Mary Smither said...

Your flowers are going to be beautiful, and you're right there's nothing like home grown tomato's.

It's a little too early here, but we can't wait!

janice15 said...

Lovely color I also have that color and this year added white and yellow. And yes indeed there's nothing like getting your hands in that dirt after winter... Happy Spring my dear with much love Janice

LoveT. said...

What a lovely Post! Work in the Garden is Meditation ,it is beautiful and healthy work :)

Happy Sunday ,many kisses

Julia said...

Me ha encantado tu post. Te animo a echar un vistazo a mi post verás algunas ideas realmente interesantes, que creo te pueden inspirar. Deseo que pases un buen rato y espero que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.

Dee said...

Sheri, Sheri quite contrary... I love that... :)

Your flowers are so pretty and the statue your sister gave you is wonderful. I hope you're enjoying your weekend... :)

CraveCute said...

Lovely post Sheri! Now your house is truly a home, you've put down roots! Hope your plants thrive! :)

Carla from The River said...

I love your flowers. The color is so fun. I also like the statue.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Time to get outside and get your hands dirty! lol You'll really enjoy some fresh veggies along with your pretty flowers. Happy Spring my friend! Hugs, Diane

handmade by amalia said...

What a lovely post, Sheri! And lovely flowers too. Your garden will be amazing come summer.

miss b said...

You chose well with these pretty flowers as they make such a colourful statement. Home-grown tomatoes are the best and strawberries too. I can see why you are so fond of the statue too as it must bring back happy memories. Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm sure you would enjoy Notting Hill, the area and the film!

abrianna said...

I am very familiar with rannuculus flowers. I like their ruffled full petals. It is a member of the rose family, so of course, perfect for you :)

wanderlust designs said...

Oh Sheri I had to laugh when I read this post. I just bought a couple ranunculus at our local farm market last weekend. It said they were hardy and frost tolerant so I set them on my deck where they are a little protected. . My husband warned me that they would die but of course I didn't listen lol well needless to say they are dead. Michigan weather is a beast even this time of year.
I envy your sunny California weather and I can't wait to start planting my herbs.