Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pictures Make A Home

I'm all moved in my new home, and now it's time for the fun part - the decorating.  I think when we put pictures on the wall, it makes the house more warm and lovely.  Here are a few pictures that I've hung on the walls.

This mirror is in my entry way, and underneath it is a table which I display my holiday décor.

I have a spare bedroom in purple, and I love this painting of a woman sitting and thinking on the couch.  She looks like she is in deep thought.

When I saw this picture many years ago, it reminded me of me and the girls.  It is hung in my hallway, which I pass by constantly.

When Jess went to Greece, she saw this mirror and had to get it for me.  These are caryatids, which were considered the beautiful women of Greece.  I will always treasure this piece, as it was a thoughtful gift from my daughter.

I've had this picture of the roses for years.  The white roses will go pretty with the white comforter that is in my bedroom.

Hope you liked some of the pictures throughout my home.  Please tell me if there is one that you liked, I'd love to hear.

Have a restful


Susie said...

Sheri, they are so beautiful. I really do like the one that is you and your daughters. :):) I have four little knick knack angels and I call them my daughters. We are moms, I think that is part of being a mom. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

It's me said...

Beautiful Sheri...!....enjoy a happyweekend love Ria...x!

Tulla and Catie said...

I could not imagine a home without pictures on the walls, it is necessary to feel cosy and at home! I love the woman on the sofa, it's good for the soul and comforting and the picture with the roses!
You managed already a lot, Sheri, have a good start into the new week!
Love, Barbara

angie said...

wie wundervoll sie ihre wände dekoriert haben, der erste spiegel hat mich sehr beeindruckt, auch die kleine figur, die darunter sitzt, ist es ein engel? das bild mit den 3 damen ist auch wunderschön!!! liebe grüße von angie

Shirley Wright said...

I love all the pictures..especially the one with the roses! Your new home is beautiful.

ANNE said...

Love the pictures, and the frames too! The rose picture is really beautiful, no wonder you keep it in the bedroom!


Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful deco details!
The word Caryatides actually means ''maiden from Karyai'', a ancient town of Peloponnese.
You will sea them on the tampel of Acropolis in Athens.

Sola Scriptura said...

The pictures and mirrors are so beautiful! I especially like the woman in the lovely dress, deeply thinking.

Celestina Marie said...

Congrats on getting moved in and settled in your new home. Your gorgeous wall pieces are going to be perfect in your home and I know you are having fun decorating.
Blessings to you and your hubby for many wonderful years in your new place.
Love to you my friend,

Leslie said...

Hi Sheri! First of all I am so excited to hear that you are moved in and enjoying the "nesting" process;) Your paintings are perfect for your wall and I can tell each one has a special place in your heart.

Thanks so much for stopping over to say hi. It's been a very difficult past 6 months. I feel that the delays in construction have robbed me of some of the joys of celebrating fall with my family (I know that sounds dramatic but that's how I feel..) Lots of deep breathing and patience is what I need to focus on.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Sheri,
I am so happy you are all moved in and can now enjoy decorating.
I just love all the paintings, but my favorite is the same as yours.. I love the three ladies!
Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I absolutely love the one of the woman with the purple my friend. It must feel GOOD to finally be moved in! Remember all the time you waited to find a home, and now you are in it! Peace and long life to you and yours in this new and beautiful home!! Anita

Shelia said...

Congrats on getting all moved in and your hangings are lovely. How I agree with you about pictures and mirrors! I'm in the process of trying to get settled in our new/old house. Man, one day I'll get these boxes unpacked.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lucy@heart and hearth said...

Congratulations Sheri! You have such great taste in decor....
wishing you much love and happiness there.


Your pictures are beautiful. I like the one of the three girls. But my favorite is the lady deep in thought. Wonderful, indeed.

White Lace and Promises said...

I really like the girls:) I'm not one for this kind of art, but for some reason this really intrigued me. I don't know where it would fit in my very simple, rustic home, but I realy like it. Of course, the roses would fit anywhere. Have great fun decorating. I would like to have a clean slate to work on.

abrianna said...

I like the roses picture and the purple dressed woman best. I am dressing up for teaching this week and I got a dress that is purple. It is not a true period dress but enough to give the flavor of the time and I can wear it out and about as well.

Lovely...I can tell you have adult children as you chose a white coverlet :) glad it all seemed to go smoothly. My last move was not smooth at all.

Barbara said...

Wonderful decoration, Sheri! What I love the most of home decorations is the story behind it... why did you bought it, what's your connection with it etc.

Have a great week!

Cranberry Morning said...

Very pretty, Sheri. I think my favorite is the one of the three ladies. Sweet!

Ann said...

Your artworks are lovely.
Walls would look so lonely and dull
without such things. ♥

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

The decorating part is always the most fun! I sometimes wish that I could start over from scratch :)
All the paintings and mirrors are so lovely -- I think I like the woman reclining -- even though she is not Victorian, she reminds me of when ladies used those "fainting couches."

Nely said...

Hi my dear Sheri,
You have so beautiful taste for decoration,all the paitings are so beautiful!
Send you many hugs

Susan said...

Loved seeing your art, Sheri. All were quite lovely but, of course, I'm partial to the roses. Susan

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening beautiful friend! How lovely to see your wonderful words of kindness and friendship today on my post!

Are you moving in OK? Are you enjoying your new house? How is the WHITE HORSE?????

May you be free to be who you are, always, always my friend! Anita

Stephanie said...

Hello sweet Sheri! The paintings in your home are absolutely gorgeous and even though I haven't seen your home I know it's a beautiful place, just like you :)

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

nice post.and pictures

Deserae said...

You have some wonderful pieces! I especially love the mirror your daughter brought back for you from beautiful :o)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

I loved seeing your beautiful paintings and mirrors.
My favourite are the pretty roses and the one that reminds you of you and the girls.
So glad you have moved in and wishing you and your husband all the very best in your new home.
Happy October and many thanks for the kind visit to say hello to me.

francis said...

Sheri my friend , I read your older Posts so I now know you have been busy . Moving to another house .
The house you want to grow old in.......
That is something big . Leasing the house where many memories are ......
But you did it and I can see you are enjoying your new house by making it yours .
I have had an interesting time . When my old hips were giving me so much pain I hardly could walk anymore and so I stayed at home and INSIDE my house for so long that I did not notice how difficult it was to be back in THE WORLD again.
I really could not leave my house anymore !
Finally I asked for help and that was A BIG STEP for me but also a good one.
A lot happened but now I am making steps forward .
And..... My oldest , my Son Valentijn married his Vanessa . That was a very happy day .
Gave me so much JOY !
Looking forward to be back again
Big hug from Holland

miss b said...

I agree that pictures and accessories make all the difference especially when they have a special significance. The picture which your daughter Jess brought back from Greece is lovely and so thoughtful. I appreciated your comment on my blog as I understand how busy you must be trying to get organised!

Deborah said...

Congratulations on your move to your new house Sheri!
Oh the decorating is so much fun Im sure!
I love all your treasures but I think I love the last photo with the roses the best!
So pretty and it will go so beautifully with your comforter!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo

Memory of a Voyage said...

How nice to see that you are decorating your house Sheri! The pictures are lovely. The one you have in your hallway caught my eye.. It looks perfect for your new house! Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Bx

Anonymous said...

Love your paintings, Sheri. My favorite is the one with the three ladies. I could see how it would remind you of you and your girls.
Are you enjoying this special time in your new home, my friend? When I read your post title I remembered a favorite quote, and I know you love quotes too. "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."~William Morris
Your new home is turning out beautifully.