Monday, October 17, 2016

When The Rain Washes You Clean

It rained this weekend,
actually poured!
Got my coffee,
and went to the trail.

The trail looked dreary
and spooky,

with only one light
beaming in the distance.

Heart-shaped Autumn leaves,

and a family taking a stroll.

The pine trees dripped
with rain water,
and looked like Christmas trees.

I love the rain,
and as Stevie Nicks sings,
'when the rain washes you clean,
you'll know.'



Regine Karpel said...


It's me said...

Happy autumn Ria ❤️x

Susie said...

Sheri, I loved the pictures. It's good that you have some alone time with your coffee and can go somewhere pretty to relax. I need to start doing that before winter sets in. I need to go back and read the previous post. Bless you sweet girl, love, xoxo, Susie

Jeanie said...

Wonderful photos. I'm seeing lots more wild turkeys this year. Sometimes you need your own day to just let your hair down and chill! Sounds ideal to me!

Susan said...

Hello Sheri! Oh wow, you have moved. You HAVE been busy. Hope you have a "sunny" day in your heart. Susan

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Sheri! Send some rain my way will you? Such beautiful photos. And the turkeys! How I love Stevie Nicks! Relax and enjoy the rain.

Sherry said...

the rain was nothing short of amazing, huh?
wowza what a drenching we had. it's sunny this
morning and the precious pooch is soaking
up rays and most likely now laying in mud. eye roll.
soon enough this morning we'll take a walk
then i'll enjoy a 2nd cup of coffee.
♥ the turkey family! it's about time ours
showed up in our neighborhood. :)

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your rainy photos and verse are so touching, dear Sheri. I hope you are well and now the sun is shining on you, dear one. I love the photos of the turkey's --what a gem of a photograph! Have a lovely week my friend. ♥

NanaDiana said...

Oh, yeah. I have been washed clean by the rain a couple of times in my life....when rain mingled with tears and cleansed sadness from my soul. Life is just an amazing journey, isn't it? Love your rain shots...You had me at Starbucks! lol xo Diana

"Création" said...

Wat een prachtige foto's Sheri, de regen kan zeker
erg mooie foto's opleveren.
Mooi de rode hartvormige bladeren van de hulst.

Mooi om de familie kalkoen zo te zen wandelen,
geniet van een fijne en prachtige Herfstweek.....


Karen said...

Hope you had a good umbrella! I love the smell of sunshine after the rain!

Carla from The River said...

WOW, beautiful photo of the pine. That is my favorite!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

So many metaphors with rain.....all I know is that it poured here too yesterday, we too have TURKEYS, and for fall, well, our colors are pretty sensational this year. Lovely words dearest Sheri!

Patricia said...

I love rain, and pictures of rain which are hard to capture. Yours are delightful Sheri, I love them all, but especially the heart-shapes. xx

LoveT. said...

Stevie Nicks, i love her Voice :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Yes, our hearts know. xoxo

Thank you, dear friend, for your kind words. I didn't even know the gallery had comments...and when it's within a post they can't be disabled. Was meant to be. :) The photo of the steps is one of my favorites too. I like the way the light seemed to spill on them. It was a sunken garden across from the church and it was not very well kept, but it sure had personality.

Keep sharing those lovely trails. LOVE the sparkling pines.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I love the rain too. However, we did not get as much as you did up your way. But we will take whatever we get.

The pictures are beautiful. Have a very special week, it's going to get HOT down this way.


Mercy F said...

This is a sweet post, it sounds like a poem that is captured in the camera lens. Nice work Sheri! I've read your previous post about your move, that's also nicely written as I imagine I was there and feel happy buying new things. That's what I like when moving too, discovering the new facilities nearby especially the shops. Love visiting your blog always.

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Dear Sheri,

Ohhh...this pictures are so beautiful!
Happy Autumn...this time of year is
lovely...and I love the pictures of the
turkey's so much....

Wishing you a lovely

Holly said...

Love the crystal vision's rain photos and of course Stevie!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

A rainy day is the best time for reflection, isn't it, dear Sheri? Getting out for a little drive and enjoying the beauty this time of year can be so uplifting on a gloomy day. I love seeing the turkeys and of course, I love, love, love Stevie. <3 xx Sending hugs - K

piccolina said...

You have beautiful capture of raindrops. Actually, you are a very good photographer. Such a beautiful site.

Have a blessed day!

Marina Pérez Bejarano said...

Charming post! I love seeing the rain around the World

Hugs from Spain


Lowcarb team member said...

Great pictures, especially the family taking a stroll!

I love that song you've featured at the end of this post.

All the best Jan

Shirley Wright said...

All the pictures are beautiful. I love the rain.looks like you are enjoying fall!

Jody Gabara said...

Sheri, beautiful rain photos! Love Stevie Nicks too!
Hugs, Jody

Mildred said...

Good Afternoon, Sheri! I am back-tracking thru your blog posts to catch up and enjoying myself. Your rain photos are very pretty. Like many others who commented, I love the pine branches with rain drops. Funny story about Stevi Nicks. We had an artist to paint a mural at one of our former houses and she looked so much like SN! She was a big fan too. She dressed very much like SN too. She went to one of her concerts and many people thought she was the real deal! lol