Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Just a few pictures of this and that to enjoy on Mother's Day.

Nel bought me some daisies.  They are different from the daisies I just bought.   She thought I could plant them in my I did, and now I have two different kinds of daisies in my back yard.  They came in a tin bucket with painted daisies on it.

It's been raining off and on this weekend.

My favorite trail

Pink roses at the entrance of my neighborhood.

My son took me to see The Jungle Book.  Loved it!

Jess made these paper flowers with her students for Mother's Day.  She attached the flower to a sharpie pen, so cute.  She's always doing fun projects with her class.

A box of Sees candy from Jess.

Mini red roses near the trail.

I've had a really nice Mother's Day weekend so far.   I'm going to brunch today with my son.

To all the dear moms,
Happy Mother's Day.

*a hummingbird  flew right next to my car this
  morning, and the person in front of me bought
  my coffee.   I love Mother's Day!*


Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's and lovely gifts's.

Thinking of you on this special Mother's Day Sunday.

All the best Jan

Blogoratti said...

Really lovely, happy Mother's day and best wishes!

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful flowers and gifts. Hope you have a nice Mother's Day and you are still in my prayers. xo

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Sounds like a fun and festive weekend … Happy Mother's Day Sheri!

20 North Ora said...

Happy Mother's Day Sheri!


Holly said...

Happy Mother's Day Sheri.

It's me said...

Happy mother's and enjoy happy week Ria x❤️

Susie said...

Sheri, Sounds like you are enjoying your mother's day and life in general. I wish you the very best. I can not look at those beautiful red roses and not think of you.:):) Makes me smile. I want to see that Jungle Book movie too. Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo love, Susie

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your Mother's Day weekend sounds delightful. Full of beautiful gifts and sentiments! I love all of your beautiful photos, Sheri. Joy to you my friend. ♥

Susan said...

Dear Sheri...Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. So many good things happened for you. Love your daisies. And how nice the person in front of you paid for the Starbuck's order. Ooooo, wish that would happen to me.

I had a great day, too. Loved it. Sending warm wishes for a beautiful week ahead. Hugs. Susan

Carla from The River said...

Hello Friend,
A special day for you. I love the relationship you have with your kids. How special to have your son take you to the movies. xx oo
I always love your photos. You are a natural at finding and taking great photos.


Beautiful glimpses into your day. The chocolates look yummy. The flowers gorgeous. It was sweet somebody paid it forward and got your coffee. I am glad your Mother's Day was special. MOMS deserve a day all their own.

Teresa said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Lovely and Generous Hearted Mama!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear, dear friend,

a belated HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you ! You deserve all the love all year ROUND! Jungle Book, I want to see that! And to just be treated by your son, what a gift! May this month continue to be a gentle blessing. I pray for healing in your family dearest friend. Thank you for visiting my blog as well. Anita

Patricia said...

It does sound like a delightful Mother's Day Sheri. Glad you enjoyed it, and the Jungle Book movie (I think I have to see that myself). Today I bought myself some of those white daisies with green centres - exactly the same! Twins :)) xx

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a lovely day. What pretty flowers! What a treasure, Sheri, to be able to enjoy this day with those you love!

Sakuranko said...

My best wishes and blessings for you sweetie~

LoveT. said...

The images are beautiful, what a lovely Post Sheri :)

lots of Hugs

Stephanie said...

My sweet friend, what a beautiful post! It looks like you were extra blessed for Mother's Day :) The daisies are simply lovely and the chocolates look ever so tasty! And oh my, what a joy to see The Jungle Book with your son.

Have a blessed week, dear one. Love and hugs!

Lights Lights said...

Beautiful photos and gifts. really impressed. glad to read your post. thanks for sharing.

handmade by amalia said...

You can't have too many daisies, they are the friendliest of flowers. And I liked the Jungle Book as well. A great post, Sheri.

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely photos!
Happy MDay :)

Weekend-Windup said...

Wonderful photos! Enjoyed seeing them. That bunch of rd roses attracted me lot!

Rebecca Harasym said...

Looks like your mothers day weekend was fantastic! I just love those beautiful daisies! Even the tin bucket is perfect that they came in! I would love to see that Jungle Book movie too, so many people have said it was awesome!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you had a nice day, Sheri.
Love daisies too, and we have the same flower in our backyard, the light yellow, third from top. So pretty. I named it hope. :)
Have a lovely day...nice that you had your act of kindness returned with the coffee. :)

a writing place said...

What a delightful time you had. :-))))

Here, I was miserable with a cold. -grin-

But feeling better today. Not all gone, but feeling human again.

who is off with the faeries...

Riski Novianti said...

wow i love your post and your blog. awesome!

you can visit my blog anytime, dear.. :)