Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blowing It To You

Is it too early
for Valentine's Day?
Not when you
love the day as much
as I do.
I found these felt roses
and had to buy them.
This rose candle
has the scent of roses too.
I loved these
conversation hearts
when I was a kid,
and I still do!
Can't stop munching
on them. ; )
From me to you.
My sister gave me this
gold bowl, and I
filled it with rose petals.
I have to put my
humble girl out every year.
Mini rose candles on
my kitchen window sill.
Do these look like
me, or what?
A day of love,
and I'm blowing it to you.


The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Such a sweet post, Sheri. Just like you! I love the conversation hearts as well! I need to pick some up. It's hard to believe February is tomorrow! Enjoy your day surrounded by your beautiful roses! xo ♥

a writing place said...

Everything is lovely.

But oh those miniature rose candles on your window sill... Precious!

Nope, not too soon for Valentines things. It's a very short "season". Need to make the most of it. :-)))))

Rosy hugs....

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dear Sheri, what a beautiful post filled with Valentine pretties and special thoughts. I love how you arrange and present your favorites. Love your gorgeous felt roses. Where did you find them. Maybe I can try and make some similar.
Love the daring rose candles on your window sill. Conversation hearts are one of my favs too and I love how you have them presented.
Thanks for sharing and all the inspiration to give here my friend. Also, thank you for stopping by and visiting my posts. I always love it when you stop by and stay awhile.
Your comments bless my days.
Wishing you a special Sunday.xo

Linda said...

Everything is just beautiful. Thank you so much for this sweet and lovely post, Sheri.

La Travelera said...

What a gorgeous inspiration Sheri!
Happy Sunday xxx

Susie said...

Yes girl, those roses are you !!. I love your little girls you have placed around your home. The one holding her dress out is so cute. Sheri, I hope you get to enjoy the next two weeks till Valentine's day. Can't believe how fast January went can you?. Blessings and sweet kisses to you, love you, Susie

Deborah said...

Hello beautiful!
Aww such a sweet "love" post!!
LOVE all your cute!
I picked up some "super heroe" valentine day cards for my kids the other
Sending my love your way and I am excited to come back to blogging..its been since the beginning of October since I last blogged.
Love you sweet friend!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxoo

Holly said...

Thanks for the early Valentine inspirations. Of course red roses from Red Rose Alley are the thing I need this morning.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Too early? Not at all -- I've had my Valentine Decorations up since January 2! Haha -- I love the holiday and it gives me a mental boost to see all the glitz and color. I really like all of your touches -- the statue holding the candy is my favorite!

Carla from The River said...

I love conversation hearts too. :-))
I like to read them out loud to my boys. LOL
I love your decorations.

Regine Karpel said...


Susan said...

Oh Sheri, what an endearing post! And yes, each photo looks like something you love! Soooo pretty. Those little statuettes with the heart and rose! Oh, I love those figurines. (Got one for my daughter who recently had twins!) I'll bet Valentine's Day makes it way up at the top of the chart for favorite holidays for you! For me, too! Hugs. Susan

Patricia said...

Loving all your red rose Valentines, Sheri. You are so inspiring - I'm off to round up a few hearts and flowers around here too. We always celebrate Valentines here.. xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Those rose candles are ALL YOU! And I wish you and yours a happy month of finding love in the most unlikely places dearest friend. Love all your shares! XOXOXOXOX

20 North Ora said...

Sheri - Lots of lovely Valentine décor. Thanks for sharing.


Deserae said...

Your Valentine's Day decorations are so sweet!!! I remember those little hearts from when I was a little girl :o) Ahhhh the memories!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Dear Sheri,
Never too early to celebrate love ❤️ Adorable little girl statue and also your humble girl. Very clever felt roses. Ahhh the conversation hearts,
a share ... My son loved them, those and sweet tarts so years ago I had custom hearts with his favorite saying stamped on them. You can purchase them on-line. Anyhow it was a big hit and much laughter with hearts saying weird things. You triggered a sweet memory so thank you Sheri. Pretty rose candle and as strange as this sounds it's like I have scent - a - Rama because I smelled the lovely scent looking at the photo. I love the drawing of the girl blowing kisses, did you draw it? I see a little Alice in her from Alice in Wonderland.

It's me said...

Like your Valentine decoration post it from me Ria x ❤️❤️❤️

Stephanie said...

You are such a precious lady, dear Sheri, and it's quite evident that your heart is bursting with love and kindness for your friends and family.

Thank you for sharing this extra sweet post. Wishing you a lovely day. Love and hugs!

Teresa said...

I usually don't celebrate Valentine's as it happens in the beginning of Lent. This year it falls in a Sunday (and as you know Sundays don't "count" as Lent ;)) so I'm definitely taking advantage of that... I wish I had lovely pieces like you do. Whenever I see a rose shaped and scented candles and objects I think of you. Of how much you love roses.
Enjoy, Share and Spread The Love Dear Friend.
Love you,
Teresa said...

A lovely sweet post Sheri..
I think your decorations could be for other days too. They are lovely.
love your red felt roses, and your little statues.
I also like your half moon ball and claw table.. its so nice.

Dear Sheri,
Thank you for your kind support on my remaining in blogland. I had a frustrating few days.
Google are always changing things.
I am back again.. will post now and then.
big hugs dear friend.. val xxxx

Sherry said...

such sweetness dotted t/o your home..
love the felt roses - i'd be tempted
to pin one on my jacket. :)

Estelle's said...

Precious and sweet!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Dearest Sheri,

What an adorable and sweet post!
I have some conversation hearts as well, or did...they were very tasty!

Here is sending some Valentine love and kisses your way.


Anonymous said...

So many pretties.
Day of love to you too, friend.

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely post ...

All the best Jan

Gypsy Heart said...

So lovely, Sheri! I love all your special touches.


Bety said...

All statues I really liked! The girl with the heart, the girl with the rose - are wonderful! Roses of felt are also great and candles on the window! Very inspiring post, dear Sheri! Always carry in your heart the love!