Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lady Of The Land

The lily has a smooth stalk,
Will never hurt your hand;
But the rose upon her brier
Is lady of the land.
There's sweetness in an apple tree,
And profit in the corn;
But lady of all beauty
Is a rose upon a thorn.
When with moss and honey
She tips her bending brier,
And half unfolds her glowing heart,
She sets the world on fire.
Poem by Christina Rosetti
love you.


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Such a pretty poem Sheri… and your roses are GORGEOUS. Enjoy the weekend.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Your roses are doing so well, and I just know the joy you are receiving from having you rose garden. Thank you for sharing such a pretty poem too!
Have a Lovely Saturday,

abrianna said...

Lovely photos. I like your new cover photo very much. Am finally catching up with your posts :).

It's me said... you too...enjoy summer have a Nice sunny day x

Merlesworld said...

Roses have it all looks, colour and they smell wonderful.

Stephanie said...

Simply beautiful....just like you, sweet Sheri. Wishing you a delightful evening. Love and hugs!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are all so perfect and beautiful. Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Love the poem and the roses are stunning. Mine look terrible, due to less water.
Have a wonderful week.

Susan said...

Oh Sheri, what utterly breathtaking flowers. Sooooo beautiful. Thanks for all your faithful visits. Hugs. Susan

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your roses are exquisite. I imagine their scent is divine and the color's lovely. Really enjoyed the poem. I'm back from my month blogging break.

Patricia said...

I remember Christina Rosetti from when I was at uni...enjoyed her poem, Sheri. It goes so well with your gorgeous roses. xx

miss b said...

I remember Christina Rosetti poems from school but I don't know this one. Perfect for your blog! Your roses look lovely and have reminded me to plant some more scented ones next year in our garden.

Barbara Lilian said...

hello Sheri. what a lovely poem you found to add to your beautiful roses, which are all looking so perfect. Mine are suffering a lot as we are desperately in need of rain. I've given them plenty of mulch and tried to give them as much water as possible . However at last it rained during the night, all night so I'm hoping today they will be looking a lot livelier. Enjoy your weekend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

As I was pruning my rose climber yesterday with two pairs of sheers, I carefully grasped the cut branches with the pair in my left hand as I cut with the pair in my right; nothing more lovely in the garden and nothing more painful than the prick of a ironic is that.

Lovely, lovely photos my dear one! Anita

Susie said...

Sheri, Some times I think rose petal look like they are made of velvet. Some roses seem to have many more thorns than others. Maybe we were meant to let them just our gardens. LOL. Blessings, love, Susie
p.s. hope your weekend was wonderful.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do enjoy Christina Rosetti poems. This one and your lovely photo's are just perfect.

I hope you have a lovely week Sheri.

Take Care

All the best Jan

Harija said...

Wonderful post, can't wait to read the next one!!
Wow, this is great!

Deborah said...

Aren't roses lovely?
What a
I know what your answer will be!
Love & blessings xo

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Yes... Beautiful...

Wonder why roses evolved, with thorns? :-)


Denise said...

Enjoyed the sweet poem and the pretty pics You chose to go with it.Have a nice week and enjoy more beauty.Denise

White Lace and Promises said...

Beautiful. Photos and all. Beauty comes with a few thorns; yes, that's life.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Beautiful poem Sheri. The roses are gorgeous. Many of ours have bloomed. I wish they would last all summer. Their beauty is like no other. have a wonderful week. love, Linda

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, what a lovely poem, dear Sheri, and such beautiful roses you have shared with us. I am enjoying every bloom in this wonderful season. Hope you have a lovely day. xo Karen

Rue said...

Lovely way to use the poem, my friend :)


Imogen said...

Gorgeous!! Red roses are my favourite, doesn't come much better than that.

LoveT. said...

Wonderful Pictures and Poem ,i really love it :)

lots of Hugs <3

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

Your roses are so pretty and you must be loving your new home and garden.
I enjoyed the poem also.
Hope you are having a great week

Doreen@househoneys said...

It is said there is no such thing as perfection. I would argue that your roses prove otherwise.


Holly said...

Lovely poem, and Jess's Paris photos are enchanting.

Carla from The River said...

I love the yellow rose. :-)

Sola Scriptura said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!! Such lovely roses you have. Sorry I haven't been on blogger recently, our new baby has been in and out of the hospital. He seems to be feeling much better now and able to stay at home.

Bety said...

Gorgeous roses, Sheri!Adore they smell wonderful! Such pretty poem!
Have a nice weekend, dearest Sheri!

janice15 said...

Very wonderful poem and beautiful Roses... Happy Friday my dear with love Janice