Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pink Roses

My pink roses are finally starting to come alive, and every time I go out there it seems like a new flower is blooming.  It's really strange cause it's been very hot lately, and it must have brought my rose bush to life.

After awhile, the darker pink turns to a lighter shade.

The fin on my mermaid statue broke, and I was going to give it away cause I don't like chips or breaks, but Nel and Jess said, "no, don't give him away, I'll glue it back."  This sweet mermaid has been in our family for a long time, and they can't part with it.  : ) 

This is the pink crepe myrtle tree in my back yard.
All the different shades of pink.
(Nel and Jess, just wanted you to know I super-glued
Sebastian's fin back on : )

Have a peaceful Sunday.


From The Heart said...

Beautiful pink roses!And the crepe myrtle..the blooms on mine are sparse this year.Maybe because it has been so hot and dry.Love all your pictures!have a blessed day.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Pink, pink, pink... Simply beautiful... Enjoy your lovely roses, while they are so happpppy. :-)

So glad your mermaid will be "saved".

Happy day after the 4th of July,

Susie said...

Sheri, It tickled me the girls want to keep the little mermaid. :): I love your roses...who else could grow such pretty ones. :) Roses love you girl. Me too, Susie

It's me said...

Beautiful Sheri....enjoy summer love Ria.....x!

Sola Scriptura said...

Your pink roses are so cheerful and a delight to see!

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Sheri, your Pink Rose Bush is lovely, as is your sweet little statue . That Crepe Myrtle is spectacular too! Love that. Happy Sunday.

Mary Smither said...

Your roses are very pretty Sheri, I have some dark pink ones at our lake cottage, and they are doing well this year. I love roses.


What beautiful roses you have. I love pink. That sweet little mermaid is so special. I'm glad your daughter's first aid, kept her in place. She is to be cherished for sure. said...

Your pink roses are doing well Sheri. They are lovely... have you noticed..that they even have a little yellow in the middle..just a hint of it.. mine have too.
Your mermaid is so lovely.. I am glad you glued the fin back on.. she will be happy now.
We do love our roses Sheri.
Its 7-56pm here.. its been 40º and so so hot.
Enjoy your Sunday ..
val xxxx

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Delicately beautiful in lovely shades of Pink. I love the Mermaid. Happiness wishes and many kisses,

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Oh, LOVE all the beautiful pink flowers, Sheri! Your rose bush looks PERFECT. How DO you do it? Everything wants to eat mine!

We have lavender crepe myrtles and they are buzzing with bees right now. Gorgeousness! I'm sure you can relate.

Hope you had a lovely 4th and have a wonderful week enjoying all that beauty around you, dear lady! Take care!

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

OH! Forgot to say that I'm with your girls on the little merbaby. Gotta keep him! He's too adorable, even with his broken fin!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Oh Sheri,
Just look at your stunning roses! They must be bringing you such joy. You know we have crepe myrtles in Texas too, they actually thrive here and come in the most vibrant hues. The shade you have is one of my favorites as well as the soft pink. When we landscape our new home,
We want to add many of them as well as roses. I know you have had hot temps, as Amanda told me that the big tree in their front yard is loosing it leaves. Is the rest of your garden doing well too?
I am glad that your little merbaby is all put back together again.
I hope you had a nice 4th-Sheri ,


I am sorry I misunderstood. Superglue works miracles, messy as it is. I am just glad the fin is back where it belongs. Enjoy this ocean beauty.

RobinfromCA said...

Oh, I'm so glad you saved your mermaid! It would be a shame to lose it over a broken fin. I'm happy to see your roses are doing well. They are so pretty! Mine are not happy with the drought or the heat. One of them is refusing to bloom altogether. On top of that my jasmine died and I didn't plant any annuals this year because of the water rationing. My yard is a little pathetic this summer. :-(

Susan said...

Oh Sheri, I would cherish those gorgeous roses, too. Pink, of course, is my favorite color. So glad the girls convinced you not to discard the little mermaid. Too sweet to dispose of, boo boo and all. Susan

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

I think the crack line in the mermaid tail will develop some character over time. The pinks in your garden are gorgeous! I also had a flush of roses in the hot weather. Have a great week!

Barbara Lilian said...

Good morning Sheri, from hot France, I've been up since the crack of dawn, too hot to sleep and it's cooler to potter about in the garden at this time of the day. I've just been checking on my new roses, with this hot weather the blooms haven't been lasting very long, and the white one against the wall is suffering badly with the heat. but how beautiful your pink rose is looking, do you know the name ? I love the way it changes it's shade from dark to paler as it opens up. That Myrtle tree is gorgeous, does it have fruit or is this a different species?
This sounds a bit like 'Gardeners question time'
Enjoy your sunshine, hope it's not too hot for you.

Teresa said...

I used to be like you. I couldn't stand (it still makes me uneasy) to have broken things around.
Then one day I was missing something and wishing I'd kept it, glued and get over it when I came across an article about Kintsugi. You can read about it here:

Now I always think of broken things in a different way and I end to keep my thing and we'll grow old together. Glad the girls are ahead of me as it would be so sad to depart from such a lovely piece and full of memories.

I love Sebastian. He's perfect for little girls to fall in love with. I love the old patina in it. Other hing I had to learn to allow - not everything needs a coat of white ahahahahah

Wishing you a lovely week among the prettiest flowers and whimsical pieces,


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And a crack or two are indicative of a beautiful, long life filled with memories.

SHERI! Your roses! I have a lot to learn about my rose climber. It gave out the most beautiful blooms that are now dead, but I think they are supposed to rebloom all summer..we shall see.

It is hot over your way? It got STEAMY yesterday, with a storm to follow which has now mellowed down to a shower that is still going on. Needless to say, my plants are loving this....but I pray for California to get rain. Dear one, enjoy your Monday!

Patty Patterson said...

So pretty. Are those Queen Elizabeth roses? I used to have a couple of those buses and loved them. They are still at my old house and I admire them every time I drive by. :-)

Stephanie said...

{{sigh}} Your pink roses are glorious, my friend! I have a few yellow roses showing their lovely face in my garden and soon my red rose will blossom :)

Happy Monday, sweet Sheri. Hugs!

Palomasea said...

Hello dear Sheri!

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for your friendship...for your beautifully kind and thoughtful messages. :)
You are so special.
My blogging is so intermittent, but I think of my dear blog friends very often.

I hope you had a festive 4th of July...but my goodness, you are in the 100's? Wowsa. Stay cool and hydrated, sweet friend.

Your roses are exquisite! Do they have a beautiful fragrance?
And Sebastian is so darling, I'm glad he was fixable...he probably does not want to leave such a loving home. :)
The pink crepe myrtle...STUNNING!

Sending Love and Blessinsg,
~ Irina

Carla from The River said...

Your roses are beautiful. I love that you share them with us.
I am happy you fixed Sebastian. :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Pink what a lovely colour and all your flowers ... roses look glorious.

... you also have another reader who is so pleased that you managed to fix Sebastian's fin back on!

Have a happy week

All the best Jan

Rue said...

The roses on that bush are amazingly beautiful, Sheri. I miss crepe myrtle. I wonder if it'll grow here... I'll look it up :)

Glad you saved the mermaid. My daughter is the same way about things we've had forever :)


Patricia said...

You really have a glorious rose bush there, Sheri. Just beautiful. We also have a pink crepe myrtle - they are a lovely old-fashioned tree, which my parents also grew. Beautiful colours. I am so pleased you saved your mermaid, who looks very fetching there by the pool. A little mend is nothing!

handmade by amalia said...

So much that is pretty and happy in one bloom. Good for you, Sheri!

Deserae said...

Your roses and crepe myrtle are sooooo gorgeous!!!! I'm glad you decided to glue the fin back on....we all have our flaws ;o)

LoveT. said...

Your Roses are gorgeous ,thank you for Sharing the wonderful Photos <3 :)

lovely Greets!

Dewena said...

Some of my favorite things have been mended, Sheri! Love the mermaid set amid all those luscious pinks. I bet you try to look at your garden constantly, it would be hard to keep away.

I think you definitely have a green thumb, and a rose lover's hand!

Holly said...

I'm so glad you didn't get rid of Sebastion, he's too adorable. I love the graduate color of your roses such a soft elegant pink. I have magenta roses and crepe myrtle bouquets. Thanks for the compliment on my blog picture, that is my truly happy face, we were on our way to the beach. Have a great rest of the week.

Attic Clutter said...

HI Sheri..
Oh so so pretty in pink (:)

Caroline shabby hideaway said...

Hi Sheri,
your rose bush is so gorgeous <3.I´m so happy you didn´t throw Sebastian away...he looks so beautiful.Don´t we all have flaws ? lol.
Hope the rest of the week is splendid for you.

Doreen@househoneys said...

The various shades of pink on your roses are so beautiful, they almost look like a painting! In our former home,, we had many rose bushes but here we have not one. As for crepe myrtle, I had no idea they could be so lovely and vibrant. I don't know if they would like it here in Massachusetts, but I'm going to find out right now.

Red Rose Alley said...

Phew! I am so glad you fixed him and didn't give him away! :-)


abrianna said...

We have crepe myrtles in abundance here of all colors. The lifeguards at the pool hate them because the petals are always in the water.

The pink roses are beautiful in their dark and light glory.