Monday, October 20, 2014


Whenever I notice something that is unusual or pretty, I get out my camera and click.  I become entranced with its uniqueness, and start to see some strange beauty about it.  Here are a few.

When I drive through to order my coffee, there is a bush with lots of bees swarming around it.  I think it's lavender, but not sure.

I couldn't believe this pink rose was still so alive in October.

I thought these doves sitting on the wire were sweet.

I got up early Tuesday morning around 6:30, and while sipping on my coffee, I saw a beautiful sunrise dazzling the sky with pink and purple.

This was such a fat bird that I thought it was an owl at first, until I took a closer look.

I thought these were so unusual but very pretty, and I'm wondering what kind of flower they are?

This seagull seemed to be as interested in me as I was in him.

When I was walking at the park, I noticed this underneath my feet.

Jess has got me hooked on the chocolate cookies at Panera Bread - Yum!

These are planted in the front of my house.  The rain the last couple of days have made them bloom.

I am loving the white pumpkins this year.

So, whenever I see anything that has a bit of wonder, I just get out my camera and click.

 all pictures by me, except last one


Patty Patterson said...

So, so pretty! YOU should have became a photographer!
And I am announcing a give away on my BBJ blog. Go enter - and share:

angie said...

wooooow, so wundervolle bilder, ich liebe ihre aufnahmen!!! ganz liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

Susie said...

Sheri, I loved all your pictures. I always think birds look like musical notes when perched on wires. Hope you are in for a wonderful fun week. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Teresa said...

Your camera is your excuse to stop and enjoy nature and beings in full. I'm all for it!
Lovely images, Sheri.
Thank you for sharing,

Lisa said...

Your photography is lovely. Thanks for sharing. I love nature. ;)

Marijana said...

Beautiful photos Sheri!

Tulla and Catie said...

I think photographers have a different and more intensive view on things, and those who are blogging are special anyway! So are your photos - they are very nice, Sheri, and I especially love the ones with sunrise. I love the mood in the early mornings and sunrises are so romantic :).
Have a wonderful week with special moments,

Sola Scriptura said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing images with us!

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Love your pictures Sheri! Enjoy your week…

Anonymous said...

Wonder is all around us, and in us, sometimes right underneath our feet, like that little love note winking up at you. ;)
Love it all, Sheri.
Thank you for sharing with us.

It's me said...

Wowww beautiful pictures lovely Ria...x!

Nely said...

My dear Sheri,
Your post are so beautiful like always,beautiful pictures..really enjoy!

NanaDiana said...

Those are some of the best kinds of pictures, Sheri- Just click and go! Great photos here. I am not sure what those flowers are but they are unusual. Love all your "takes". xo Diana

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

This post is beautiful, you have embraced the moment of the days and marveled at nature,the interesting and wonderment of life.
This was a true delight for me today.
Thank you so much,

Magda Carvalho said...

Love the photos ;)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hello dear Sheri!
Oh my, the photos are so beautiful. You really have an eye for the camera lens..
That does look like a lavender, maybe a cotton lavender.
The sunrise is just breathtaking!
Enjoy your week.
Just "click" please

Noelle the dreamer said...

Great shots Sheri! What a beautiful world God has given us!
All the best,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you Sheri! I am happy you enjoyed violet.. I really appreciate you taking time to come visit.


The bee looks sweet. Like the doves. But I am also intrigued by those unusual flowers. very interesting. the photo is lovely.

Beauty Follower said...

Love the perfume and colour of lavenders!

Hugs from Athens :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there darling is the best thing to do to seize the moment, isn't it? I am in a rush to go to school, but I just had to come to see what you are up to, and it's magic.


Foxy Green said...

waw amazing photos:)

Spanish Muse said...

Great shots, I love the first one with the bumble bee :)

Spanish Muse

Ann said...

You are so creative with that camera of yours. Your pics are always amazing and the lighting is perfect. Love every pic in this post and my fave is the last one. That pic emits a lot of happy feelings. Have a wonderful day

Susan said...

Loved your photos, Sheri. I am a shutter bug, too. Like you, my eyes zoom in on the the darnedest things.

Keep up your creative spirit and sharing your findings with us. Love them. Susan

Saraah Mode said...


Very niiice ! :D


Magda Carvalho said...

thx :)

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

You are very clever and very creative my dear friend. You have an eye for all things beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these lovely images.

Aida said...

Love this post Sheri.
I dont go anywhere now without my camera.
I sometimes am not quick enough to get it opened and click.. i missed to kites flying high above my place yesterday.. i was so mad..just couldn't get them in my view.
Its so interesting just to click on the things that we like .. You have some super photos.
My roses are still blooming.. but not as many.
having a hot spell here at the moment.
wishing you a good week. val xxxx

malikaa said...

Great picture , i love this post

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Sheri..
Love the close ups
the lavender
just beautiful
Have a good one
my cyber friend (:)

Inger Marie said...

Very pritty foto!
Beutiful lavendel... sunrise and flower!
Nice eavening too you:)

Soniya Gauchan said...

wow such an eye pleasing pictures

Palomasea said...

Dear Sheri,

I admire so much that you take notice of the little beauties of life...they are really grand beauties, aren't they? I love Einstein's quote about life...he says that either everything is a miracle, or nothing is...he subscribed to the everything philosophy! :)
Thank for inspiring us with your beautiful photos...those flowers are amazing...the sky, birds...the photo of the bee is dreamy...
Do you think our two little gulls are related? ;))
I thank you so much for your always thoughtful messages...right now I'm sharing the computer, so I only have a chance to read and answer two to three comments a day...I'm sorry for that delay.
I wish you a most splendid weekend, dear Sheri!
- Irina

Jane Strong said...

The flower is California buckwheat, Eriogonum fasciculatum, a native of California. For me it has some of the best autumn color locally. What you are seeing are actually the seedheads which I describe as marbled orange sherbet. The flowers are small, pink-and-white things.

Kristie Franklin said...

You are such a great photographer! I love the photos you take. I really like the bee on the lavender, what a great close-up. It's always interesting the things you find while walking. In my younger days, when I was going through a training program for Unit Clerks in a hospital, I had a teacher who asked us to notice something new each day that we were on our way to work. You know, that statement has always "stuck" with me. I guess that is why I am always looking for something new and different.

I read recently that Indian tradition says that if you find a feather in your path while walking it means you are traveling on the right spiritual path. Lately, I've noticed several in my walking path and that thought always comes to my mind.

Cute photo of the boy taking a photo of the girl!


Anonymous said...

Sheri, dear, thank you for stopping by my new page. You are such a kind friend to me. I'm still setting up SO MANY details, so I apologize for the wrong subscription link in the comments section. If you do want to subscribe via email, you need to click under my header logo where it says subscribe.
Thank you again, friend.
Still a lot of loose ends, but I'm getting there. ;)