Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Little Random Fun

The lovely miss b at bobochic asked me if I would write a few random facts about myself, so here goes......

When I was a young teenager I used to draw and design my own clothes, and my mom would get her sewing machine out and make them.  I even designed my wedding dress.

I have curly hair, and sometimes on special occasions, I straighten it with an iron!

I love Italian food.

I used to go hunting with my dad when I was younger.  What a tomboy I was.

I can write in Calligraphy.

Google image

I was a cheerleader in high school.

I love chocolate, and that is my weakness.

It's so exciting having blog friends from all over the world.  miss b is from England, and her blog is interesting, fun, and charming.  Stop by, if you'd like, and visit the lovely miss b. bobochic



Susie said...

Sheri, You were a cute kid. Now you are a beautiful woman. With a caring heart. I used to make clothes for my daughters and my mom, even made those "leasure" suits for my husband.,LOL. Now I do not's the machine I own...I have never really liked it, so I need to find an old singer like the one I truly loved. I flat wore that machine out.LOL Hope your weekend is fun with good weather. xoxo,Susie


I think it is wonderful you designed your own wedding dress. How special is that?

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

This is so cute Sheri, nice to learn more about you… Love your cheerleading picture, very cute. By the
way , I have wavy hair like yours , but I straighten it 99.9% of the time… Don't know how I missed your last 2 posts until today… they were lovely . Enjoy your weekend…

E. said...

Oh... I have curly hair too. And I straighten it all the time (not always successfully!).

It was great finding out more about you and I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Have a great weekend! ;)

Unknown said...

Ciao e buon fine settimana amo i miei capelli ricci....non li liscio quasi mai

Sola Scriptura said...

What fun, random facts about you! I have to admit, chocolate is my weakness too!

miss b said...

I'm so pleased that you have written the random facts. Thank you for letting me know and for the kind words about my blog. Lovely to find out more about you too. Having started making clothes for my dolls, I then went on to make some for myself when I was a teenager. It must have been amazing to design your wedding dress.
PS Chocolate is my weakness. I have some every day even if it's only a couple of squares!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Sheri,
How nice to get to know you a little better.. Oh my, you were a beautiful young woman, and a darling little girl. How very talented you are... The only thing on your list I can say is the same as me is my love of Italian food and chocolate, this goes without saying..
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

louise said...

How I wish hair straighteners had been around when I was a teenager! I couldn't live without them now. Love the pigtails pic. I had them too when I was little x

miss b said...

Another thank you to you. I'm delighted that I'm now on your sidebar!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri, this was such a fun post. I love all your wonderful pics and learning a bit more about you. You are a beauty and such a talented one too.
So enjoyed this Sheri.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

abrianna said...

I think it's great you went hunting. A good skill to have besides sewing.

I too have curly hair.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Sherri, I love finding out about you. I always knew that you were very special. You were a pretty young lady and a beautiful woman.
Love your red hair, it's terrific. I also love Italian food and chocolate, but now I am diabetic so no sweets for me and little pasta.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Patricia said...

Lovely post Sheri, I like knowing all these things about you. Your wedding dress is beautiful, and a lovely design, especially the pearl trim. Every picture is special, and I'm another with curly hair, which I try to straighten all the time, despite dire warnings from others about the drying effects of this habit! That is one delicious chocolate pie you have there - love the recipe!

Susan said...

Oh Sheri....You are so cute! Adorable, really. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Deserae said...

It was so much fun to learn so many new tidbits about you!! You were such a cute little girl too :o)

Red Rose Alley said...

I actually have dark brown hair, Mary. It looks lighter in the first picture because I was a bit blonder as a young girl. Thank you for your comments. I loved them all.

NanaDiana said...

HA! WE have SEVERAL things in common! I knew it!!!!! lol Well-except I was never a cheerleader. We didn't even have a football team in our small mountain school.

It was fun reading this, Sheri! xo Diana

Riitta Sinikka said...

♥ you are so beautiful! Happy Sunday, my dear friend! xxx Riitta

francis said...

Thank you for sharing this .....
I now can see you as a cheerleader and a hunter !
The italian food and the chocolate ...... Mmmmmm
But most of all I was impressies by your wedding-dress .
Beautiful . You must have felt so wonderful that day !
Wishing you a wonderful first week of june .

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am terribly late, ONCE AGAIN! Oh Sheri my friend, to see bits and pieces of you is so enchanting! You, like myself, used to draw and design your own clothes? ME TOO! I would tell my mom what I wanted and she would make it! I cannot believe the similarities between us. My hair however, is naturally straight and during the 70s when I was in high school, CHER BONO was a huge star. My hair was perfect to emulate her style because I didn't need to do a thing. It was long, straight and black!

You are beautiful my friend. This was fun! Anita

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Loved learning these random facts about you Sheri!! And I love Italian food and chocolate as well. A little too much sometimes LOL

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I got YOU, babe! Oh if only I could find some high school photos to show you, but I'll email you one of me as homecoming queen, but you can't really see my hair the way it really was, long, straight and exactly like Cher's!! Yes, our mothers would have probably gotten along because my mom was a great seamstress and loved me enough to put up with all my requests and drawings! XOXOXO

Jenna Leigh said...

chocolate is my weakness too :) haha

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

Lovely to find out more about you and I loved seeing all your sweet photos of you.
Happy new week and thanks for sharing

Lynne said...

Hello beautiful!

What a fun post!

I ironed my curly hair so I would look like the Beatles girlfriends! LOL!!! ...then I went "Twiggy"!
(I WISH that we had the flat irons of today!)

You are the cheerleader of blog land, dear Sheri!
Happy June!
Have a great week!

Teresa said...

So so envious. Mainly of your Artistic Vein; which I don't have and I wish I had.
Calligraphy? Really? I can't even sign my name twice the same form ahahahah.
You were as lovely as you are today. And because you cherish the loveliness your heart abound with it enveloping all that are blessed for having you.
Thank you for sharing,

CraveCute said...

I think we are about the same age and I love your "vintage" photo! So cute! Chocolate is also my (one) weakness! Have a lovely day!

Ivy and Elephants said...

So fun to learn more about you and see your photos growing up. What a cutie!

Things and Thoughts said...

How interesting to learn more of you, of a blogger that we all here love so much! Thank you Sheri and bobo chic!

Unknown said...

nice post, I enjoyed these pictures :)

Unknown said...

I love learning new things about you my friend. A cheerleader and a calligrapher? You have a broad range of hidden talents! ;)Fun post!
xx, Heather

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun post! And I love hearing about your clothing designs and seeing more photos of you! Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea for a post! Sweet hugs!

Anonymous said...

What?! Is that red hair I see? Why didn't I remember this, have you shared it before? I love it! I love your wedding dress too. I used to design clothes for my mother-in-law to sew for me, including my wedding dress.
This was fun reading, Sheri. I had a great time catching up today.