Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Road Trip Continued: Grand Canyon

We're picking up where we left off and entering the GRAND Canyon! (You can read our first stop in our summer road trip here)

The South Rim was absolutely amazing.

I have always heard that pictures just can't express how stunning it is in person,

and this is true.

We hiked down the canyon and stopped for some lunch while admiring its natural beauty. 

One must be careful when deciding how far to walk down because the hike back up is so much more difficult (and hot)!

We were even greeted by some natives while sight-seeing. 

Can you believe this little river helped create this natural beauty?

After a long day, we bid our farewells...

Until next time, Grand Canyon...

Our next stop will be Four Corners, USA.



andrea@townandprairie said...

I was there, about 11 years ago. It was SO hot and dry, I had a bloody nose everyday, our dogs got blisters on all of their feet. After just two days, we decided to drive north to Colorado b/c it was so hard on the dogs. It was a great place to visit, but I'd never want to live there! I'll just enjoy it from the photos and memories!!


I can only imagine how breathtaking it is in person. Your photos are stunning.

Attic Clutter said...

oh wow what a trip..(:)
need to be in good shape huh?
did you go too Sheri?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Jess! This is a part of our world that I've never seen, but greatly appreciate. I know there's nothing however, like being there. Give your mum a hug for me, OK? Anita

louise said...

I'm lucky enough to have been there twice. It is the most extraordinary sight - I remember saying wow a lot! Wonderful photos take me right back,

Susie said...

Jess, Your pictures are wonderful. I liked everyone of them. :):) I need to go see this. xoxo,Susie

Palomasea said...

Extraordinary!! So much beauty to take in! Thank you so much for sharing this....
- Irina

Susan said...

So glad you got to go too the Grand Canyon. It's quite a wonder of the world, as far as I'm concerned. We lived in southern Arizona and our trips to the Grand Canyon were always a highlight of our time in that unique state. Susan

Palomasea said...

Dear Sheri, you are so kind, thank you!!! :)
- Irina said...

Wow Jess. What fantastic photos you took.
Its one of the places in the world that I would love to see. I can believe it cannot be described until one really sees it in reality.
enjoy the rest of your road trip.
val xx

Nely said...

Ohh woow,beautiful pictures,thank you for sharing!
Enjoy in your road trip!

oldthings said...

Breathtaking photos !It seems that you have a wonderful trip ! Thank you for sharing this !Have a good time !

Shell said...

Beautifully captured

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Seeing your post made me want to watch one of my favorite movies last night: GRAND CANYON with Kevin Klein!

HI SHERI! Thank you my beautiful friend, for coming to visit my blog! Yes, my visit in California was super, spending my time with my family. I was not able however,to see my husband's family or visit friends or even the beach, but the time I did spend with my family was super precious.

THIS ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE is just that....ONE, WILD and PRECIOUS. Let us find what our passions are and use them to serve IN LOVE, one another. And may Nel find the balance she will need to live her new married life to the best.

HUGGING YOU my dear friend! Anita

Cinzia said...

Wowwwwwww!!! Wonderful place and photos!

Sabrina said...

Your photos make me want to go on an adventure of my own!


Draffin Bears said...

Thank you Jess, for sharing your wonderful photos of the Grand Canyon and must have been so neat to go and see this amazing place.

Happy week

Celestina Marie said...

Jess your pics are incredible. Love the wonder and beauty on our earth. So glad you had a great trip.

Hi Sheri, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my WBC post. I just had to participate for the 5th year. I miss everyone and trying to organize my time to be back in the fall.
Loved your post below for Nel's birthday too, What wonderful memories. Happy Belated Birthday Nel.

Have a great week.
Big hugs, Celestina Marie

Hayu Maselli said...

magnificent Nature!... How beautiful Lord created this stunning natural sculpture and we can enjoy the beuty.
thanks for sharing Dearest Jess.
I have never been there...interesting to know ;)
wishing you a great week

hidden art of homemaking said...

love, Mona

Marikki said...


I feel like I was there, too....:)
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

So majestic. What a gift to see it in person.


Hi Jess, you had a wonderful trip! It is my dream to visit Grand Canyon one day, the pictures are great and I am sure the real thing is much more impressive. Looking forward to other posts as well : )

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Sheri, your vacation looks amazing!