Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! 

Nel and I made a visit to New Orleans a couple years ago for Mardi Gras (read about our trip and Mardi Gras here), 

and ever since then we have made a point to honor this lively holiday.  

Tonight I will be making jambalaya and mini muffulettas (a New Orleans' specialty sandwich. 

You can find the recipe here.)  

I'll be listening to jazz and blues in the kitchen and toasting to Fat Tuesday.

(One of my favorite songs by Billy Holiday.)

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras/Carnival?



Susie said...

Sounds like fun. I really like jambalaya. I have never gone to mardi gras. It does seem a fun time. Enjoy your wonderful meal with your husband. xoxo,Susie

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, yes we do celebrate it around here! I married a New Orleans native. LOVE this post, and that song always brings tears to my eyes. Mr. Art @ Home loves muffulettas, but I don't like the olive spread on them.

I love this post, and Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Ricki Jill

Noelle the dreamer said...

Well...It is also Shrove Tuesday so Crepes are de rigueur (since we cannot have a race just betwixt us, ex-RAF hubby and I). Me thinks anyway the Corgi would catch every one we drop and we would drop a few I am sure!)
Enjoy the Jambalaya, (and I will try the muffulettas someday, sounds scrumptious!)

Puumuli said...

I have no idea what Mardi Gras is about but I hope you have a marvellous time!

Sari from Puumuli

Anonymous said...

Love Mardi Gras! We used to go to NOLA every year...but since we have the lake house our trips have been less frequent. Their food is unbelieveable and so is their jazz. Love your decor!

Draffin Bears said...

Sounds like a fun thing to do, honouring this special event.
Have often watched the Mardi Gras on the television and looks like an exciting time.

Susan said...

Mmmmmm, that sandwich looks yummified. Lots of color in the decor, too. Love it! Nice post. Susan

Selene Over the Pond said...

nice pics!!!!

Unknown said...

Ohhh sounds like so much fun!! And the food looks deelish! :)


Hayu Maselli said...

Hi Jess,
Apologize I misunderstanding with the Mardi Grass, I thought was a city. but a carnival/festive. Sounds so much fun for this carnival.
the muffles looks so yummy.
I am wishing you a happy Mardi Grass.
have a nice Valentine days for all of you too

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Miky said...

Hi ^_^

Nely said...

Ohhh sounds so fun,so nice post and pictures!Happy Mardi Grass
Have a nice Valentine days!

Anonymous said...

Takes me back to when we visited in 1986. Their food is amazing.
Happy Valentine's, girls.

miss b said...

That first photo is gorgeous. Stunning colours! Here in the UK we celebrate Pancake Tuesday when we eat lots of pancakes! It's lots of fun as we toss them up into the air to turn them over and they hopefully land back in the frying pan rather than landing on the kitchen floor! I can imagine Mardi Gras in New Orleans being amazing.


What a beautiful wreath, perfect colors for me : ) We sent our boy to school in cowboy costume on Tuesday but at home no special decoration. I would love to visit New Orleans one day : ) Happy Valentines : )

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh precious Sheri, I am going to visit via email! Anita

Sofi Moukidou said...

looks so fun!
great pics!

Lori said...

That sandwich looks SO good!
Sheri, thanks for the comments, sure hope you're feeling better soon!!!xx

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Never been to New Orleans, would love to visit some day. How did you get the beads ? : )Ha ha...