Sunday, January 6, 2013

Keeping the Time

I've been feeling a bit pressed for time lately.

It seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Do you ever feel the same?

So I decided to start keeping an extra supply of time on hand...

I plan to wind up my collection of clocks and display them all in my study where I do my work, but for now the time has stopped atop a few good books.

"I must govern the clock,
not be governed by it."
~Golda Meir~

May you spend many happy hours doing the things you love in the New Year!



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nel, this was a TIMELY post. I want to make how I spend my days worth the time allotted to me and in our day where time is consumed by stressful deadlines, all the more reason to take moments to ourselves to replenish our souls. The best of everything for YOU, Jess and SHERI!! Anita said...

Lovely Nel,
so true.. dont let the clock govern govern the clock.
No stress , just stay focused and all will run smooth. (thats what i tell myself)
happy weekend.

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Nel, lovely to meet you. Time does run away from me during the day. I can be pottering around and find two hours have gone by, but I have to say, as long as I have not missed anything important, I really don't worry anymore.....I think that is to do with my age.
As women, I think, at times, we set ourselves impossible targets and do not allow ourselves enough "me" time.
Enjoy your day,
Best Wishes, Daphne

It's me said...

O yes i will do that.....more laughing is one of my favorite !!...happy day darling...and smile...;-)))))

syros2js said...

Well, I guess I will vote for... MORE LAUGHING!!!
Lots of hugs!!!

Patty Patterson said...

Thank you for such words of wisdom. We do need more laughing and the clock does need less control. I love your little collection, too. So cute!

Purple Flowers said...

I like the quote "I must govern the clock,
not be governed by it."
~Golda Meir~
Such true words. I have several watches that I wear at different times, and when I forget to put one on, I find myself looking at my wrist for it. I think I am governed a bit by my watch, and I want to curtail it in the New Year.
Thanks for the post; it's a good one!

LadyV said...

Love your collection. I have some vintage clocks in my home, some chime, some strike, and then there's my favorite, the cuckoo clock. I love them but if I had them all going at the same time my husband would divorce me :-)

Great quote, I will keep that in mind each day.



NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love all your clocks and your quote. I, too, often find myself pressed for time- xo Diana

oldthings said...

Lovely collection ! At past the time was so pressing for me and I would like the day could be more than 24 hours ! But now no ! When the time press you ,close your eyes and think something beautiful !

Hayu Maselli said...

Hi Ladies,

Don't worry you have me;),I always lack of time, never enough during the day especially when having small children.
I love your clocks collection they are pretty vintage and your quote as well
Thanks so much for your lovely visit
Love to you all

Deserae said...

Beautiful pics....such a pretty collection!
Happy New Year!

Vision By Mila said...

love the clocks, they give me a vintage feeling.. time flies by sooooo fast..

Unknown said...

LOVE these clocks!!! They are absolutely gorgeous!


magie said...

I can relate, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day here either to do all the things that need doing :P
I love you collection of clocks..pocket watches always remind me of Alice In Wonderland and the White Rabbit :)
Magie x

Katie - Something to be Found said...

I love your clocks... AND your handwriting!!

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Lovely Post, Nel!
I don't let the clock rule me (so I always get there before it does ahahah) but there are times when one has no way out of it... those times are also a blessing because they show you what you're capable of... and you'll learn wonderful things about yourself.
What a charming collection you have. Love it!
Do you know watches were deemed one of the 20 things that became obsolete this decade? Curiously enough we have never been so ruled by "it"?! Amazed we Survive ;).
Have a Nice and Timely Day!!!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Beautiful time pieces you have there! This is always a good time of year to refocus, try to live more "mindful" of all things...including our use of time. So enjoyed your post!

Mary said...

Happy new year time! and those are very cute time pieces.


Beautiful photos, I like your clock collection, I have a few as well. And your handwriting is beautiful, with all the lovely colors : ) I want more time to not miss many things as well.