Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Crafts

Jess and I love to brighten up our homes around the holidays by making festive Christmas crafts.

We found inspiration for many of our projects this year while browsing Pinterest (many thanks to all those who've shared their creative ideas!). 

We gathered pine cones and branches from our grandparents' cabin to make these woodsy arrangements.

We just added a little faux snow and glitter for some wintry sparkle.

And Jess taught me how to create these beautiful bows, which we used to secure the pine in place for our door hangers. I can't wait to make a bunch for the gifts I give this year. (Click here for tutorial.)

I was even able to create a centerpiece for my coffee table by placing a candle in a mason jar nestled in some of the pine we had left over.

These holiday message boards were simple and fun to make.

Just spell out your Christmas greeting with stickers and paint over the canvas (I used tape to make a border around mine).

Then peel off the stickers and rub the canvas lightly with a towel to create a distressed look. Sprinkle a little glitter, and hot glue a cheery holiday ribbon for the finishing touches.  

We also made Christmas tree ornaments inspired by our dear friend Karen at Shabby Brocante.

They were really easy to assemble. Just cut up sheets of music into 6-inch strips, roll into a small coil, and push into the ornament.

Add some ribbon, shake to release the coils, and voilĂ !

If you decide to try out any of these holiday projects, we'd love to hear how they turn out. And remember, "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!" (Albert Einstein).

~ Nel ~


Galina Hristova said...

Hi, Nel!Excellent work!I like your ideas for decoration.I really liked the glasses, which became candlesticks.Wonderful wishes are written on the canvas!Well done girls!Hugs!

Susie said...

Nel, How sweet. I love the ornaments. Gotta make some of those:):) xo, Susie

Teresa said...

Oh, I wanted to do at least one of those message boards...
I wonder if they're as easy as you suggest. Everyone said that for my trees and girl, I thought I'd need surgery (to the heart ahahahah and to my poor fingers... I think I went clumsy with age)

I love your glass ornaments! I like how light crosses it through and the lighteness they suggest.

You should share your Pinterest Boards so we could follow the Girl with the great ideas and amazing bows ;)

Thank you for sharing the loveliness that's spreading in your Home.

Be Blessed, Pretty!


Marie said...

Love the glass ornaments. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Such clever ideas and so pretty to. Thank you for the inspiration. I love using natural elements too.

It's me said...

Love all your Pinterest from said...

Great choices you have made from Pinterest. There are some super ideas on there.
I love the wine glasses upside down filled with little christmas balls and candles on top.. fantastic.
You both have been really busy.. Its looking very cosy.
happy days Nel.

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Oh how sweet! I am so glad you tired the ornaments! Yours are beautiful!! Thanks so much for this!!

Happy@Home said...

Really great ideas here. We have tons of pine cones around here so I'm always looking for new uses for them. I also love the idea for using stickers to create lettering. Great idea!

Susie Swanson said...

Those are gorgeous..I gotta make some of those.. I've been on Pinterest but haven't found many decorations.. You ladies are very talented.. Hugs, Susie

Deserae said...

Everything is so pretty....I love the little Noel sign too!
Great inspiration :o)

Kerri said...

Oh I like the Noel plaque and the glass ornament idea! I have been so busy, finally got around to updating my blog. I enjoy visiting my blogger friends! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season -- and by the looks of it you are indeed :)

Have a sweet day!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Nel! We are having fun, aren't we, creating in our homes! HAVE FUN! HI SHERI! Anita

Hayu Maselli said...

Hello Sheri, Jess, and Nel,

Thanks to all of you have visited my blog and leave such a lovely comment.Thanks also that you love my roses purse. I appreciate it
All of you are so creative with those x'mast ornaments
with a pleasure to follow your blog,wonder that you could follow me too ;)
wishing you have anice weekend for whole family

big hug from Rome

Anonymous said...

HI Sheri! OH, I love your beautiful creations with the pretty greens and those pine cones. I love the long shape of the cones and the glitter looks great. Your little sign is so cute and I love the music Christmas balls! You've been so busy.
Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Hi Nel,
Your ideas are great... It feels so good to create something to love. Simple crafts are my thing... Happy weekend.
Ciao for now...

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Lots of fun festive ideas Sheri! Your home is certainly looking add decked out for the season. I always gather fresh pine boughs from my FIL. I figure his trees need a good trimming once a year. lol! Love that fresh scent.

Cottage and Broome said...

So many great ideas here I really like the noel sign. Thanks for showing us how to do it! Hope you are having a great holiday season, Laura


These are great ideas, I especially loved the ornaments with sheet of music and the wine glass candle holders, so lovely. My son and I just finished decorating our small trees : ) Have a lovely Sunday evening : )

Anonymous said...

LOVE those signs, and YOU KNOW I'm going to attempt at least one of them as soon as I finish this crazy December moving.
Thanks for sharing, Nel.
Much love,

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely decor!
I liked the upside down wine glasses used as a candle holder :)

Lori said...

Oh I love these, the sheet music ornaments are so pretty!