Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Every year during Fall we always go to a pumpkin farm.  Recently, we took a trip to the pumpkin farm in Wheatland, where happy faces of children and adults were all around us.
The scrarecrows were
greeting us in their
unique costumes.
Here is the Wizard
of Oz' Dorothy and
Dorothy's ruby
red slippers.
Pumpkin head
I loved this wheelbarrow
filled with fall flowers.
The train is a must
to go on every year.
There's even a petting zoo.
Here's a sweet little goat.
Look over here, donkey.
The burro was a bit shy.
They have the most
delicious goodies;
cinnamon rolls with
cream cheese frosting.
A variety of pies.
Ahhh, my favorite,
the caramel apples.
The bright orange
pumpkins made
my heart sing.
A mouse pumpkin.
They even had
pink pumpkins!
Is this the oldest
truck you've ever
What a fun day
at the pumpkin farm!


ilaria Ar said...

Hello :)
nice to meet you !!!
My name is Ilaria and I really love your blog ( and pumpkins )
I'll follow you!


Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for visiting and following Red Rose Alley. I appreciate that so much. If you have a blog, please leave us a link, and I will check it out also. Have a nice Sunday.

E. said...

What a beautiful day!
I think it's the first time I see good-looking scarecrows. :)
Have a happy week and a great month! :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh what a wonderful day Sheri! Love the burro and little goat... and what about the pink pumpkins...
Thank you for playing Louis... Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE pumpkin farms, Sheri. We've been to many throughout the US, including our favorite, Vermont. We brought several home this weekend from the local market, but we plan on visiting a farm in October.
Loved this.

ANNE said...

Fabulous! I've never been to one, thanks for taking me along!

Jenna said...

Hi Sheri!!! This is my favorite time of the year, that and of course winter too...LOL! Taffy apples, I live for them every fall. I love the pink pumpkins how fun is that and a petting zoo...gosh, I just love your post :o)
I hope your doing well and that you had a really nice weekend, Hugs Jennifer

Unknown said...

Sheri, I love this pumpkin farm! Haven't been in years! We went when the kids were very little. Rode the train the whole bit! They do a great job there. Maybe we need to go next weekend. Hasn't it been hot, though?!! When is it going to cool down?

Mary Anne said...

Happy Fall!! Your post made me wish I had gone to the pumpkin farm too!! What fun you must have had. . . and those pink pumpkins! Wow!
It was a beautiful weekend here in Chicago and there was too much to do here that didn't allow a pumpkin farm trip!!! Enjoy the season! Loved this post Sheri!

It's me said...

It look like a great trip....what a lot of pumpkins and delicious food!!...that pink one !!! oh my !!!

Deborah said...

What a fun time! I have been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch for a few years now, believe it or
This looks like such a blast!
I love your photos have captured the day so well!
Pink pumpkins? Must be a shabby-chic lover there! Hahahah
Love to you!!

Deborah xoxo

Deborah said...

Such a wonderful place to visit! thanks for sharing :) have a happy week sweetie

Bee happy x

miss b said...

I enjoyed following along on your great day out. What a lovely thing to do and those pink pumpkins look amazing too. I think I would have had a slice of the walnut pie (and a caramel apple too - we call them toffee apples and I love them!) Thank you very much for your kind and detailed comment about our special celebrations - so glad you enjoyed the post. said...

What a wonderful pumpkin farm. Autumn is a big thing in America.
Here, our pumpkins are all over .. Halloween is not celebrated here.
I love the scarecrows, someone worked hard there.
A fun day Sheri.
Happy 1st of October.
val x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I WANT THAT WHITE GOAT AND THE DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi there Sheri my sweet! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Miky said...

Hi Shery, this pumpkin farm is wonderful, i love it =)
Happy Autumn <3

Kristie said...


Looks like you had a great day at the pumpkin farm, I haven't been to one in years. There's one not far from here that reminds me of the one you have visited. I love to look at how they decorate the pumpkins, I've seen some pretty ghoulish ones! HAH :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Sheri,
How kind of you to come over and meet owl and Mother Goose and leave such thoughtful words.. I too, used to read Mother Goose stories to my children..
I usually have my art on Ebay, but will add some christmas mice to my etsy shop soon.
Wishing you a beautiful week


What a great fun day. We don't have this tradition in Italy or Turkey, I would love to experience this whole period there, my son would love it too : )

Susie Swanson said...

Looks like you had a great, fun-filled day.. I've never seen pink pumpkins before.. I love all of the photos but the wheelbarrow caught my eye.. I have an old one in my yard that used to belong to my mom.. She's gone now and I plant Wave Petunias in it every year in memory of her.. She loved flowers so much.. Thanks for the great post.. Blessings, Susie

magie said...

How fun..wish I had a pumpkin farm like that close by :) I really like the wizard of oz Dorthy's pretty shoes. The villages around our area around this time of year, have scarecrow competitions..where people decorate scarecrows and put them in front of their houses (the best one wins a prize). It is quite fun to go around and see all the different ones :)
Those cinnamon rolls look pretty the pretty pink frosting :)
Did you buy any pumpkins there.. if so pink or the orange ones? I can honestly say I haven't ever seen a pink pumpkin before :)
Have a lovely day today x

Barbara said...

What a fun day you had and through your (camera) eyes I could visit a pumpkin farm to.

Thanks for your lovey post.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh those donkeys are SO DARLING!

Sweet Sheri, thank you for the lovely tone of kindness with which you share your comments on my means so much!

How are the newlyweds? HOW ARE YOU? RECUPERATING??? Well, this is a great time of year to relax and rejoice over one's blessings, that is for sure. Enjoy the moonlight my friend...isn't it great that we are looking at the very same moon?

LOVE! Anita

♥ Miss Tea said...

WOW what a fun place! i love those pumpkins everywhere! im a fan of wizard of oz and so i'm squealing looking at dorothy with her red slippers! Pink pumpkins???? hahaha but i'm drooling over those cinnamon rolls and caramel apples...yummy!!

x susan

Geneva said...

How neat Sheri! I don't think I've ever visited an actual pumpkin farm, but that looks so neat and fun for the whole family. Loved all your photographs!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

What a wonderful tour of the pumpkin patch. Lots to see and it looks like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!


Heidi said...

Hi Sheri,
That sure looks like you had lots of fun on your trip to the pumpkin farm. Love your pics. Have a great rest of the week.

Unknown said...

Sure is a great way to spend a great day..I love pumpkin farms and apple favorite things to do in the the scarecrows..almost time for our scarecrow festival.. looks like you had a geat day for it too!

Donna said...

Oh, what a fun place to go! Did you find "The Great Pumpkin" by any chance? :)

oldthings said...

You had a wonderful day at pumpkin farm ! I love pumpkins and every autumn I buy a few of them . We don't celebrate the autumn ,even the vine harvest ...
I would like to be there and I could bought many !!!

Christine said...

I can't wait to go visit our local pumpkin farm here real soon. Such pretty pictures pumpkins? Cool! Happy Fall to you and your family.

Kerri said...

OMGosh I love this place! Here in south FL we don't have anything like it. I love farm animals and I love all the sweet goodies offered for sale there!!! Yum :)

I see you are enjoying autumn!