Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Of Love

Valentine's Day is a special holiday for me.  Red and pink, hearts, chocolate, and LOVE...what a great day it is.  Here are a few lovelies that I have around my house.

And Now
These Three Remain:
Faith, Hope, and Love,
And The Greatest of
These is

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day yet?




Valentine's Day is special. All your decorations look LOVELY. Yesterday I hung a VALENTINE banner on the front door. But inside nothing yet? This is unsual for me. I think your beautiful tribute to the holiday was just the inspiration I needed to get the job done here. LOL Take care.

Anne said...

I love all your decorations!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri,
I love your pretty Valentine decor. I also have the angel holding the heart in my collection and love it. I also just started to set out a few heart decorations.
You have inspired me with your hearts.
Hugs and blessings, Celestina Marie

NanaDiana said...

I am working on it a bit. Your things are so lovely. I just realized that we are going to be gone over that Holiday...and it is one of my favorites! xo Diana

Shelia said...

Hi Sheri! I love this...and the greatest of these is LOVE! :) Love those scriptures.
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Sheri,
Lovely photos and all of the RED!
Love is in the air and certainly around the corner...
Have a great week!
All the Best,

Barbara F. said...

I love all your beautiful "heartfelt" touches! xo

francis said...

Dear Sheri Thank you for your sweet words and for thinking of me .
Writing in my journal is something that helps me since my devorce in 1992 so for a long time now.....
When I mentioned the matchboxes I meant the memories from longer ago .
I love to write in my journal but also to write letters in my own language that's easy ! In english so much more difficult but I'm learning !Have a happy week !

It's me said...

Love your post

Myric said...

Hi Sheri! Your name sounds like 'dear' in French!I am still working on my valentine's day decors. I love your decorations!


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Sheri!
I am "chomping at the bit" as they say.... to get my Valentine's Day decorations out. It is my favorite, non-religious holiday and I love the sentiments behind the day.
I wish every day was Valentine's day -- life is short and we don't take every day to appreciate our loved ones the way we make the effort to --- on Valentine's Day.
Hopeless romantic I am!

Thanks for sharing your little story about small worlds with me!
THANKS so much!

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

One of my favorite verses.......Hope ur doin well! Happy Valentines Day! Of course , ile come and tell ya again on the 14th. LOL......Bonnie

Deborah said...

Beautful Sheri!
You little romantic you!
I haven't decorated for Valentines Day yet, but I have to tell you..I h
always have "hearts" up all over my house,
because I have a thing for hearts.
Yours are gorgeous...and how true..the greatest of these is love.
Blessings sweet Sheri!

Much love,
Deborah xoxo

Ginger Zuck said...

Not so much, just a bit.. But I make my sweetie a calendar every year with great memory photos and he does loves it. He always gets me roses so I must wait. Blessings back sweet Sheri!
I hate publishing because of the music!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

All your valentines decorating around your home is lovely.
Happy valentines day.
Hope you are enjoying your week.


Filipa said...

"Love is the beauty of the soul", i couldn't agree more!
Sheri you have an adorable blog, i'm happy to follow you :)

lot's of kisses from Portugal *

Catherine said...

There is lots of love sprinkled around your home Sheri. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. Have a wonderful day.

magie said...

What pretty Valentines decorations! I love the glittery heart, I love anything with a bit of sparkle to it.
I have yet to get my decorations up..I may try and do that the next few days :)
I hope you have a very Happy Valentines day..full of love and happiness!

Bee happy said...

You have some gorgeous pieces in your house, so pretty :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Shirley said...

Valentine's? what is a Valentine? hahaha...I love your decorations..and the glitter hearts are just what I'm going to add to my nieces Valentine goodie box..she loves bling and they are just that! A very sweet post!

C'est moi Claudette said...

I did go downstairs to get my rubbermaid of hearts, but I seem to have misplaced more than I thought.
My xmas stuff is all over the place down there. I haven't cleaned it up yet... maybe soon ; )
I usually have hearts all year rond at the cottage. Not sure why, but i do. I'm looking around now, yup, lots of hearts, lol.
I have a pink heart like yours hanging on your hutch.
I love Valentine. Some don't, but I do. It seems it's one more step closer to Spring.
Happy Thursday sweet Sheri

Brenda said...

I love your little angel holding the heart. So very precious. All of your decorations are very beautiful.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I have not started decorating for Valentine's day yet...My son's wedding put me back a week or so!
Your decor is so cute!

janice15 said...

Such divine things....I love
valentines day too. I can't wait for my Tea Party for Valentines day...I'm still looking for a Red Tea Pot or White haven't found one that I like yet....thank you for stopping by for a visit...Plz. do come back again I enjoyed it..Wishing you a most lovely afternoon...with Love Janice

Cheryl said...

Hi Sheri,
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I am now a follower of yours as well!! I just adore your valentines decorations. I am finishing up projects for a valentines swap I am hosting, and the giveaway! but plan on decorating tomorrow!! I am excited about seeing what I put away last year and putting up the new stuff!!! I will take pictures and post soon!! Thank you again!!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Just beautiful! Time for me to sift through my old valentines and join you in celebrating the day. You have set a pretty high bar. Great inspiration!

Kristin said...

Dear Sheri, I'm really looking forward to Valentine's day myself. Can't wait to do some baking! I think we have the same dream of a mountain home :) Have a lovely, lovely weekend!


oldthings said...

Hello Sheri,
That place with snow is my hometown and west of Greece. In Thessaloniki (middle) never snows.Thank for your comment and I see your valentine's decoration it's lovely !!
Good Day

Tiff said...

How beautiful! I am inspired to go decorate myself now! Thanks! X

karen - Simply Inspired said...

Yes... love is the greatest... thank you for the inspiration to begin a Valentine's search!

D said...

Hi, Sheri,
Thabks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I haven't decorated to V Day yet, but I did find an inspiration for a tablescape today. :)
PS. Love the "Sachmo" music

Laura said...

Gorgeous photos - love the heart candles :)

Lynn said...

I have not decorated for Valentine's day yet but you've inspired me to get at it. Love all your pretty hearts and messages of love. Thanks for stopping by Cottage and Creek and for your sweet encouragement.

Betsy said...

Valentine's Day is a bright, cheerful bright right when we need it in the depths of February. And of course it involves chocolate, so what could be better. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty decorations. I need to get mine out!

forgetmenot said...

You are definitely ready for Valentine's day. I'm still wondering where January went--time goes sooooooo quickly anymore. Mickie ;)

Becky~ said...

Goodmorning Sheri!I loved this blog.I have that angel holding the heart.Isnt she just precious?I dont really do Valentines day.I wait til Easter to decorate again.I cant wait!

Happy weekend!

Twinkle Star said...

Love-ly pictures! I am just slowly making bits and pieces for my mantelpiece. I just posted about a Welsh Love Spoon last week x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful quotes. February is also the month my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniv. Twenty-seven this year. Seems surreal to me.
Thanks for sharing, Sheri. I'm still picking up my jaw from the floor thinking of Jess's pizza. ;)

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Sheri,

Oh those Vday images are just sooo inviting! I have to tell you that it is one of my favorite times of the year - all those pinks, reds & whites just spell "happy & cheery" to me! :) Happy Sunday to you!!!


Mimi and Tilly said...

I've never thought of Valentine's day as being a celebration to decorate for, but I think I may have to! I love the word "love" and have it written around my home in different rooms with wooden letters. I also collect hearts... I can't believe I haven't put it all together and gone bonkers with the decs over Feb 14th! Thank you for the inspiration! Em xx

Sandy said...

HI there! This reminds me I have some beautiful red hearts packed away in my closet. If we can see through the remodeling dust I might have to bring them out.

Thank you for your very kind message ♥

Have a lovely week!

Sarah said...


No hummingbirds that I've seen yet! We do have them occasionally in other seasons though. They flit in and out every once in a while.

No decorations up yet for Valentine's Day here, but I need to get to it! I need some cheerful red around.

Enjoy the chocolate!


Anonymous said...


Beautiful message and lovely photographs!


♥ Miss Tea said...

Lovely photos and beautiful messages! i love valentine's day! it's special and an excuse to decorate and make a special heart shape things!

x susan