Sunday, July 17, 2011


Flamingos are one of our most favorite animals. 

Who wouldn't be intrigued by an animal who has hot pink feathers, stands comfortably on one leg, and eats upside down?  

As the emblem of summer, the mascot of the zoo, and the funky companion to a number of suburban lawns, this flamboyant and photogenic bird defines 'Cool'. 

As they flaunt their fabulous feathers with their heads held high, we can't help but love them. 

Here are some interesting facts about these beautiful birds:

~Flamingos are pink due to the algae that they eat.  The more algae they consume, the pinker their feathers.
~Flamingos may be long and lean for a bird, but they can fly AND swim.
~Flamingos are social butterflies.  They can be found living in flocks of thousands.
~Flamingos build their nests out of mud.
~Flamingos love the warm weather and live in lagoons, saline lakes, and even the Andes Mountains!

Where are they going??

If we still haven't convinced you of how cool flamingos are, then please scroll down to view this photograph taken in the Gulf of Mexico by National Geographic Photographer Robert B. Haas....

Could it be???



Here is a fun clip of a typical mating dance.  If you ask us, they have some great dancing skills ;-)



Mona said...

Wow! Loved this post! I learned such interesting facts that I never knew. Thanks for the lesson. That shot of the flamingos forming a flamingo BLEW MY MIND! Really. And that weird flamingo mate-picking dance--that's how I chose Dan. Who knew flamingos did it too ;) Jessie, every time I see a flamingo, I think of you. Miss you guys. Mona

Kristina said...

Fun post! I saw a fuzzy, grey baby flamingo at the zoo last summer. It was so little, cute, and pathetic surrounded by its pink family.

Daniella said...

They are smart!! How did they do that!!
And I love anything pink!

Ricki Treleaven said...

This is the coolest did the flamingos do that? How do they know???? *giggles*

Deborah said...

They are so beautiful and what a cute dance!!

Deborah xo

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I used to have a thing for pink flamingos...I even had pink flamingo checks!

This mating dance on video is great! Thanks for sharing. Fun blog...thanks for stopping by to visit.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, that is an amazing post!! I wonder how they did that! It's so nice to meet you and I am your newest follower~

Unknown said...

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by my blog and creative space, I'm glad you enjoyed you time there! I'm sure enjoying your flamingos. What a beautiful sight! You have a really fun blog! Hugs and have a happy week!Marilou

Robyn said...

HI Sheri,
thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my blog - I'd love to follow your's, hope you will join mine as well and follow along.
Great flaminigo pics, brings back memories of a school project my now 21 year old daughter had to do when she was 7 - had to write a report about flamingos and make a shadow box of them in their natural habitat - what a project that was!!!
Beautiful rose header by the way! Have a great day!!

Lisa said...

What lovely "pink" post! Enjoyed it. :))

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi gals,
I love flamingos....being born and raised in Florida, I used to see them all the time---as decor in yards and also in the wild. I have always loved them! Your photos are beautiful and love the National Geographic photo, too! Hope you have a wonderful day! XOXO (((hugs))) Kim

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

Shari, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Love the pink flamingos. Of course pink is my feel good color. One thing for sure, when you start seeing these beauties in peoples yards, you know your in Florida. I love your blog and I love the fact that you and your daughters are in this together. That's so awesome!
I'm now your newest follower! Have a fantastic day!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

It was lovely to discover you and your daughters blog and many thanks for visiting me.
The flamingo post is amazing as we do not have them over here and have only ever seen them in books and TV. I will follow your blog and will be happy if you follow me.

Happy week

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the flamingos!! You ROCK!! I always love your music choices! Thanks!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri,
Wonderful Flamingo post. They are gorgeous.
I love to watch them stand with knees that look backwards. Very intelligent for sure.
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks all for sharing your flamingo thoughts!

Aunt Mona~ your comment cracked me up...I can just see you dancing around in search of Uncle Dan :-D


Unknown said...

That makes me smile! :) I love Flamingos! :)


Grace said...

Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog. You are so sweet! I am your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your beautiful blog. I love the flamingos post too cute they are and I love that they are so ladylike in their There are no male flamingos! (hahaha)Grace xoox

Laurie Eno said...

Look at those pink characters! I must say, you've given me a new appreciation for flamingos.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment about the pink and yellow post. As a fellow fan of pink, I think we can bot agree that it goes so well with so many other hues.


The French Tangerine said...

Thank you for your very kind comments today! Your flamingo post is darling!

Karyn said...

Hi Sheri! I love Flamingos too! They are such a beautiful bird. I saw a pair of them on the edge of a golf course once. I assume they escaped from Busch Gardens. Wish we had more in the wild here. Sand Hill Cranes come in a close second though. That video is hysterical! They all look kinda snobby though... With their noses up in the air... :)
Have a great week!


Lynn Stevens said...

Any animal thats Pink is good in my book!
Love there dance, funny how they stay right together like that.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy to come and follow back.
hugs Lynn

Princesa Nadie said...

Meeting you has been a pleasure
Delighted to visit you

ceecee said...

Absolutely loved all of your flamingo facts!!!

Yelena Starikova said...

Such a beautiful and graceful bird! True representation of Feminine!

Thank you for stopping by!
Im your new follower!


Tanya Bermudez said...

haha this is awesome! You'll have to re-post this again sometime