Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Treasures

Welcome to our homes. We want you to get to know us a little better, so we are sharing with you our favorite home treasures. After a long day away from home, there's nothing better than stepping foot inside your own haven. Home can be healing on the most troublesome days. We think it's so important to personalize your space and make it represent YOU and your family.


This is my writing angel and journal that sit on my desk. Whenever I look at her, I am inspired to write well.

I love this Greek doll...she reminds me of my ancestors.

I just re-did my kitchen in red, black, and white, and I found this rooster in Old Town. I thought it went perfect.

This was my mother's and her mother's gravy boat. It's from 1944, and it was passed down to me. I use it every Thanksgiving.

Jess brought these back for me from the Vatican in Rome. I will cherish them forever.

I love this Princess Di music box.  The song on it is "Variations on the Theme from Canon in D".  We were both married around the same time. She had a good heart.

My son gave this to me. It has a tree dangling from it. For me, the tree represents family, and family is so important to me. Every time I light it, it burns with love because it's from my son.

Nel bought this for me when we were out together one day. I used to sing the song "You are my Sunshine" to my kids all the time when they were little.

This was on my mother's dresser for many years. It is antique-looking, the silver is faded, and lovely just like her.

My husband gave this to me.


A birthday present from my dad, my beach cruiser is one of my most beloved items. I love to cruise, whether it's through quaint neighborhoods or along the beach.

My boyfriend and I love making fondue every now and then.

This is my favorite piece of art in my home. It's a classic photograph by Ruth Orkin: 'American Girl in Italy'. To me, it portrays the struggles and obstacles that women have had to overcome, even in today's world.

I created this fun chalkboard from an old picture frame. I painted the frame and sprayed the glass with chalkboard spray paint.

My new organic herb garden is complete with basil, oregano, cilantro, and chives...and a sweet little bunny.

My mom bought these for me in San Diego. I have always loved vintage keys. There is something sneaky and mysterious about them. I think we all hold a key that can unlock any door we choose.


I've always wanted a globe. I want to visit a new part of the world every year for the rest of my life. Jess and I make great travel buddies. 

My fiance and I often play chess at night to unwind after a long day.

I've just started the English tradition of Tea Time, and I must say, I really enjoy it.

My Grandma's ring was passed down to my mom, and then to me. It is now my engagement ring. It means so much to me because I was very close to my Grandma.

I am starting to play the guitar whenever I have some spare time...which is never ;-) 

My books are part of who I am and are very resourceful in my profession.

And last but not dog Jesse, who I adore. He has a very unique personality, and he makes me happy.

What is your favorite home treasure?


Harvest said...

I just loved viewing all of your home treaures! The gravy boat passed down from your grandmother is so special, Sheri, and Jess I would LOVE a chalkboard like the one you made. Your little herb garden and adorable bunny makes me smile too! Nel, I too have a love of books and travel. I hope to have a wall to wall library one day, and I have made it a personal goal to see as much of the world as I possibly can. The four of us seem to have so much in common! Thank you for your lovely posts, which bring me a ray of sunshine from your happy world.

Red Rose Alley said...

Harvest Moon,
Thank you for your comments. Yes, Nel and Jess always try to get me to travel with them. I had them when I was very young, and never got the chance to do that. I'm glad they are experiencing so many different places and learning about other people's traditions.

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi gals!
I really enjoyed reading about the things that are so special to each of you! Sheri, I love your doll. I have a couple of dolls that I enjoy...a Jackie Kennedy doll with several outfits and a Princess Diana doll. The doll I treasure is my own old Chatty Cathy doll. My Mother saved her for me which I am thankful for. She is in the original box with her little outfit. She doesn't talk anymore and the doll hospital couldn't fix her. But, love her even so.... Jess, I love your beach bike. My husband and I have Panama Jack beach bikes. We have lots of hills here where we live so we have a little gas motor for our's. You pedal when you can and then motor up the hill. It goes 30 mph when the motor is running. Nel, I collect teacups and love taking tea and going to tea rooms. I am always trying new teas. Love your bookcase! The ring you photographed is almost exactly like the engagement ring that belonged to my Mother that I now own. I treasure it. Congrats on your engagement. Thank you ALL for opening up your hearts and sharing the things you love and treasure. Have a beautiful day! xoxo Kim

bj said...

Hi, guys...I'm bj from Sweet Nothings and came to visit you via NEWS FROM ITALY.
I love your pretty blog and it was fun reading a little about all of you.
Good luck in blogging...hope you love it as much as I do. :)
I'm a great-grandmother with 2 children, 10 grands and one little 2 yr. old great-grandgirl.
We have a lot going on at our place..hope you will come visit, see if you like me and follow.
I am linking up to follow ya'll..O, and we say "ya'll" cause I'm a TEXAN. :))
XO bj

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments. Isn't is nice when we are handed down special things from the ones we love and keep them in the family? Me and the girls are going to go to a tea tasting at one of the local tea and coffee shops here. I'll let you know how it is.

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Happy Saturday!
Sheri, I have something you might enjoy on my blog. Go to Bluebirds and Butterflies and listen to the second song on my playlist all the way through. Feel free to add this song I found to your blog.... I just have a feeling you might like it. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kim

Life In My Nest said...

Sheri, thanks for posting on my blog.
After visiting you here, I can now tell you that we have a few more things in common. I have that very same gravy boat and I was married the weekend after Charles and Diana! (However, my heritage is Italian!) Enjoyed your blog.

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you, Teresa, for visitng our Blog. I always kept up with all the happenings about Di because we entered into marriage and motherhood around the same time. I really liked her. I enoyed your blog also. Hope to hear from you again.

M. said...

Hi guys.Sheri, Aw, Mom's gravy boat. It made me miss her today. I love, love, love the rosary beads. Would love to have some. Jessie, Katie just got a new (used) bike like a cruiser. I told her it will be mine after she finishes at Davis. I love the picture of the lady. She's so mysterious and beautiful. I need to have some fondue sometime soon. Ashley and her mom and cousin and aunt will be going to a fondue restaurant in a week or so. I'm jealous. Nel, I love the teapot set! I love red and teapots. Where did you get it. Tell me about your tea ritual. What time? I may join you here in Sac so it'll be a little like having afternoon tea together.A blog I think you would like is @ She has a post about tea and Emily Dickinson that made me think of you. Love, Mona

Diana said...

Thank you soo much for inviting me to check out your blog! I love how beautiful it is and how crafty you all are... I look forward to reading all of your future posts and veiwing the beautiful pictures to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Mona! I'm glad you liked my tea pot set. I got it at Pier One Imports with my mom about a month ago. They had some really cute sets. You should check them out! I usually have tea around 4 in the afternoon. I'm working my way through 20+ books a week for my qualifying exams, so with my nose stuffed in a book all day every day, 4:00 tea time comes as a welcome break from all the studying. I hope you join me in Sac! I'll definitely check out the blog too. I love Emily Dickinson. About a year ago I took a class devoted just to her poetry. It was one of my favs. Tell the family hi for me! Miss you guys!

Love, Danelle

1 Funky Woman said...

What a fun post giving us a glimpse into who you really are! Love the sunshine saying! I just made a canvas with that for my entry. Hope you can come back to my blog and check it out! Love the gravy boat also!

Jess, I'm dying over your collection of books! Looks like a great place to sit and stay a while. My husband bought me a fondu set years ago and I seem to forget its there. I'll be taking that out this weekend for a little chocolate and strawberries, yum!

Thanks for stopping over and visiting, love for you to stop over anytime

Oh and I hope you can get back to "Iowa" someday!



My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

It was fun looking at all the special things that mean so much to you all. Isn't it wonderful how a treasured item can bring back good memories or remind you of family or friends? Hope you all have a great rest of your week.