Saturday, November 16, 2013

Smells Good

Fresh cookies are in the oven :-)

This is a mess I don't mind cleaning up so much. 

What's your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? My all-time favorite is Nestle Toll House. I know the recipe by heart and have been using it since I was a little girl.

What's that I smell? 

My cookies are done!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Well, that fabulous smell makes me cry. I am a total "Proust" fan, and his unforgettable essay on Madelines rings with me. To remember my mother by way of a scent such as Toll House cookies or vanilla rice pudding brings her back to me, via this miraculous thing called memory.

Eat it up Jess. Never forget where you were, who was with you when you did this very ordinary but important thing. Anita

Red Rose Alley said...

Hahaha, me want some cookies, Jess.


Susan said...

Mmmmmmmmm, Sounds great! You are such a wonderful cook!

Lovely posts with great photos! Susan

Susie said...

Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven..yummy. That's the way my daughters loved them. Blessings to you Jess and your family. xoxo,Susie

Things and Thoughts said...

If I only could taste one of them with my Sunday's morning coffee!

Noelle the dreamer said...

The undeniable charismatic aroma of a chocolate biscuit...
Drat! I mentioned it to ex-RAF flyboy, nicknamed Cookie Monster in this case...Any leftover Jess you can share?!

Purple Flowers said...

I LOVE cookies, and chocolate chip are my ole' time favorite. It's a "revert to childhood" thing for me, as they were the first cookies I ever baked. I absolutely love your b&w pics-just great!

Draffin Bears said...

Yummy! you can't beat freshly baked cookies from the oven.
Cookie Monster has the right idea.

happy weekend

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my, this is my favorite also!
Have a great weekend Jess.

Riitta Sinikka said...

♥ mmm, delicious! Happy Sunday, my friend! xxx Riitta

louise said...

The smell of baking is so evocative. When I was a child I used to stay over at a friends house. Her Mum baked her own bread every night and I used to drift off to sleep with that wonderful aroma xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Sheri,

THANK YOU always, for your visits, your kind words and most of all, YOU.

Wasn't that last picture of the dog and girl just sweet? Yes, we are all waiting to be complete, to be drenched in perfect love. But for the time being, and as we do experience love, we still long for what's around the corner, the new idea, the new possibility. Enjoy waiting my dear and make it happen. LOVE! Anita

Nely said...

Ohhh how wonderful cookies.relly love them..biting one for me!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Toll House for me too! And they are my husband's favorite cookie. But I only make them twice a year because we eat every single one of them.

Ann said...

I love the smell of baked goodies
and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, that also looks so yum!
My son used to help me bake the way I used to help my Mom... Oh but that is another story.

Again, your cookies look so YUMMY!

Imogen said...

Delicious. The best smell ever. Now I relly wish I could have some that quote from the cookie monster.

It's me said...

Mmmmmmm i wish i could smell and taste them !!!...lovely week love Ria...x ! said...

the cookies looks so delicious!

Teresa said...

Just between us? And don't go running tell your mother ;)...
I've never baked cookies in my life.
I've eaten - a few ;) ahahah - but never put my hand on it.
It overwhelms me. Probably because I enjoy them so much - aham, the few I had ;) - I always think they take more magic than I have on me ahaahah
Probably the best... I really don't want to explain the kids what's that smell after the proofs disapear before their arrival ahahahah
You seem to be in your cookie-heaven though. Enjoy!

Attic Clutter said...

oh yummm (:)
thanks on my santas Sheri
yup make em by the cookies hehe

Heather Lindstrom said...

My absolute favorite cookie too! These are making my mouth water. Pure deliciousness!
xx, Heather

Antee Gurung said...
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Antee Gurung said...

Wow looks delicious. It's nice to see a food post in ur blog

Btw do check out my new post
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Zizi Santos said...

Deliciosos cookies!
eu nunca acerto fazer!
você pode me enviar a receita?
adoraria fazer!


Beauty Follower said...


miss b said...

Just catching up on your posts. I love the last quote and the smell of cookies in the oven. Your cookies look wonderful. I shall have to try this recipe.