Friday, January 11, 2013

Missing You

On New Years Day,
five years ago,
my mom left this world,
and every January
I take a few days,
go off by myself,
and miss her dearly.

On a lighter note,
it's almost
Valentines Day,
and I bought some
of my favorite
Valentine chocolates.
This reminds me
of all the love I get
from each of you
every day.
I miss you mom,
and me and the girls
just wanted to say


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I feel the same way in March, the month I lost my dad. Hugs, Honey. This was a sweet post.

~The Robins Nest~ said...

God bless you Sheri. I am so happy you are close to your girls. Thinking of you ❤

~The Robins Nest~ said...

God bless you Sheri. I am so happy you are close to your girls. Thinking of you ❤

Ann said...

I'm with you,
Moms have a special place in our hearts that no one else can fill.
When my Mom passed away years ago,
I'm never the same... up to this day I miss her terribly.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- How sad that she left you on New Year's Day. It will always be a bittersweet day for you- Happy for a New Year and sad missing your Mom. Bless you, Sheri-xoDiana

Terra said...

New Years Day must be tough for you; we do love our moms. My mom died way too young, at age 54. You be sure and enjoy those yummy chocolates.

Marilou Bain said...

Hugs for you sweet Sherry and for your girls too. You are all in my thoughts and prayers for comfort.
Love, Marilou xoxo

Purple Flowers said...

Dear Sheri: Thank you for sharing your deep feelings about missing your Mom, and how you cope with her loss. It must be so difficult...

I see you also enjoy Mary Engelbreit. I like her artwork; it makes me smile. Hoping to bring a smile your way.

Antee Gurung said...

Oh god, I am sorry abt your mom. Sweety! I am sure she would be very proud of u and ur blog. Happy new year 2013

Btw do check out my NEWPOST

Tina said...

Sending lots of hugs. I know how it is. This year will be 20 years since my mum passed. And it is still as hard. Lots of love your way, my dear friend. xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I understand my dear. My mommy has been gone now going on 27 years and though the pain subsides, it wells up as LOVE from time to time. The arrow of love stays in your heart forever. Love to you, Anita

lavenderandlinen said...

So sorry...there's no one like your mother! I hope you have a better day soon!

Barbara said...

Dear Sheri,

In the Netherlands there's a saying...(I will try to translate)
Mothers don't die, they live on in the hearts of those who love her.
I love that saying.

And oh I wish I could taste those chocolates fudge hearts.


Shirley said...

My mom and my family that have gone ahead are always in my thoughts. Not a day goes by that I dont think of them. I know exactly how you feel! And with Valentine's Day soon to come, makes our hearts miss them even more..but we have to go on and they would love for us to keep happy and enjoy eating chocolate..:)
Have a wonderful day..

syros2js said...

Your post touched my soul...
I have nothing to add..
Just a big hug...

Lucy said...

Ohhh Sheri,May her memory bring comfort and healing. thanks for the reminder to love and cherish the ones around us....Hugs ~Lucy.

Ayu Maselli said...

Dearest Sweet Sheri, so sweet of you to sharing your deeply feeling with us.
Apologize me I don't know how does it feel, but I believe I couldn't face that moment easily once it arrives.
Just hardly for me for long distance for years ;(
I miss my mom too.
let's pray for her, for surely she proud of you all
love to you Ladies
have a nice weekend

oh-my-home said...

I could not imagine lossing my mum, but I know that she will be with me always.... Warm thoughts to You...

Susie said...

Sheri, My own mother passed away 2006 and I miss her everyday. I think the sharp sense of loss can ease, but the longing never goes away. Blessings to you and your girls. xoxo,Susie

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

You will always miss your Mom Sheri, but with time the pain will subside. ( I still have my mom, but lost my dad 20 years ago) Think of the happy times, i'm sure that will make her happy as she watches over you...Have a good weekend. Mary

Galina Hristova said...

Dear Shery!Nothing can erase the pain of losing a mother!Live and let her be alive in our memories and in your heart!I am here to share your grief!Hugs!

It's me said...

Tears in my eyes....i miss her too darling.....nice choclate !!....yammie...i am hungry now time for dinner...enjoy the love

Tulla and Catie said...

How beautiful that this post is devoted to your mother! Hugs from Barbara

tina said...

Our beloved will always live in our hearts. Have a good weekend,Tina

Mrs. Smith said...

I am so sorry that you lost your mom, and especially on new years day. That is bound to be difficult.

Thank you for your kind comment at my blog. It is very good to meet you! I'm having lots of fun looking through your blog this afternoon. I love the phone booth picture in this post! Adorable! Blessings!

Ivy and Elephants said...

I know how hard it is, Mother's truly are our best friends. But we are all sending love your way, and wishing you a blessed new year.

Teresa said...

When my father was already very ill I used to think - selfishly - that I didn't "want" him to die on a "special" day or a marked day.

I'd grown with my uncle, his brother, never celebrating his birthday - and being a very sad day in the family - because their father (my granfather) died on my uncle's brithday... they were very small, my father was 4 and my uncle 2 and my grandmother became a widow - and never remarried - at 23, and the family mourned the day for years and years... see? I was born so long after it and the proximity of the date filled me with sadness and sorrow.

When my father dies, he does so in a no special day. It was no one's birthday, it wasn't Christmas... and it hurts the same. The day becomes engraved in your mind. People mention the date and you first think "oh, the..." and then a chill covers your body and soul.

You are so right in taking the day to be with your Mother. With your shared memories.

Blessings of Warmth and Peace may fill your Hearts.

Faye Henry said...

Hello ... It is so nice to meet you.. Thanks for dropping by my blog.. My heart goes out to you as you miss your dear Mother.. I am blessed to still have my Mom but my precious Dad has been gone for 23 years and I miss him still.. After all this time...
Take care ....

Draffin Bears said...

So sorry Sheri and no how hard this time is for you and your family as I feel the same way in September when my dear old dad passed away three years ago.
Sending lots of hugs and may you feel comfort knowing that others are thinking of you. Do hope you are feeling better and really sorry to hear you have had the flu. My husband and kids got the flu just after Christmas and there seems to be a lot going around,


Coquetíssima said...

Hi!!! Thank you for your visit and your comment!!! This post it's very inspiring!! I follow you!!!
Kisses from Spain!!!!!!

francis said...

Oh you sweet-one
Missing your mother is hard .
She lives on in your heart
and she would be so proud how you are doing
I sometimes imagen all the moms have get-togethers above
and tell eachother about their daugthers
as we are always remembering our sweet mothers
and sharing too
all the best for you

Nely said...

Hi dear,
Ohh I am so sorry for your lost,your mother lives in your hart always,
Your post touched my heart,
Many hugs dear friend,

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I know it's hard for y'all this time of year. I love your attitude about focusing on Valentine's Day and *love*
What a sweet tribute to your mother!


Miky said...

Sweet post Sheri ♥

andrea@townandprairie said...

So sad you are missing mom... that is one of the hardest people to miss...I'll bet she always had the best advice. She's still listening!

Geneva said...

What a sweet remembrance of your mom ... this was so sweet Sheri.

Inspiredbeautyofcourse said...

Sheri, what a sweet post. The angel picture is beautiful.
Sorry your missing your mom.


bois-fleurie said...

As I am growing older,I find myself missing so many people I have loved. My firstborn son died at Christmas many years ago and it always hurts at Christmas more than any other time. But I had no idea how much I would miss my Mum and Dad and every day I think of them. I love your posts they always have something special about them.

Sandy said...


We'll always have moments when we miss our moms. So glad that you take time to yourself to miss her in your own special way.