Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's that time...

The sun is setting, and the world is slowing down.

It's my favorite time of the day...a time when I can RELAX, read a good book, be creative, or watch my favorite program.  
 Won't you join me?  

May you rest your weary head and do what makes you SMILE.  
You deserve it.


Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

I love the very early evening...that time of day when you can light a candle and enjoy the light from it. I have some twinkle lights on a holly plant on my balcony deck and I love to turn the lights on at sunset. Your photos are very pretty of the sunset. The world does really seem to slow down at this time of day. If my husband happens to be out of town working, sunset is when I really start to miss him. Lovely photos. Hope you have a nice upcoming Thursday. xoxo Kim

Vintage Begonia said...

I love this time of day as well, the family is all tucked in to our nest enjoying dinner and each others company!! Have a wonderful weekend ladies,

Name said...

Hi Sheri,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Love your banner photo...those roses couldn't be any more striking with your border. I went to San Diego 9 or 10 years ago. My fiance at the time took me there to visit a former Congressman...Claire Burgner. He and his lovely wife Alvie have since passed away,(as has my fiance) but visiting their country club was absolutely one of the highlights of my life. I will absolutely be visiting your site...maybe you'll even throw out one of your family's Greek receipes. :-)

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for visiting our Blog. So sorry to hear about your fiance and friends. I appreciate your kind comments, and I will come back and visit your blog also. I loved the picture of the sleeping dog.