Saturday, May 21, 2011

Way Out West

We have always been drawn to the pioneer days. The way that the women and men handled struggles and overcame hardships is something to be admired. We have so much respect for the strength and fortitude of these brave individuals, so you can imagine how excited we were to learn of our town's Western Pioneer Days!   

Cowboys talking business over a drink in the saloon

Travel by Stage Coach

A reenactment of the town's first bank robbery

As we were walking down the street, we heard music coming from one of the shops. We went in a little closer, and we realized the song that was playing was the first song on our blog's playlist, Louis Armstrong's "When You're Smiling." We certainly were!

Frontier women LOVE their big hats!

"Behind every successful rancher
is a wife who works in town."
~ Old West Proverb ~

Gold prospectors came to the West by the thousands hoping to strike it rich!

Play us HOME boys!

"Worry is like a rockin' horse.
It's something to do that don't get you nowhere."
~ Old West Proverb ~


Anonymous said...

A Past Way of Life that's Celebrated and not Forgotten. Like the Pics...

Harvest said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! The pictures are terrific. Welcome to the blog world!

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi gals,
Thank you so much for visiting me at Bluebirds and Butterflies. You are off to a wonderful start on your blog. Your photos remind me of a time when I was a little girl and living in Central Florida. We had a place called "Dodge City" not far from where we lived. They would do old shootout re-enactments on the dusty streets of the western looking town that had been created. Great photos. Have a wonderful day! Welcome to blogland! ((((hugs))))) Kim

Sheri, Jess, and Nel said...

I read all of your comments on my posts, and I want to tell you, I am so glad I met someone that can express words the way you do. Thank you for your encouragement. It means so very much. The girls will be taking a trip to the Seattle area soon and we will probably post some of the pictures when they come back. I wish you luck on your Blog also. I'll be visiting Bluebirds and Butterflies, and I hope you have a sweet day.

Vintage Begonia said...

What a beautiful tribute to those good old days! It was a great pleasure to meet you gals at the store today. One great thing about my business and the blogging world, I am so blessed to meet sooo many wonderful and taleneted people from all over the world. I am thrilled to be following your beautiful blog!!
Take Care,

Sheri, Jess, and Nel said...

Thanks Jackie,
I can't wait to take pictures in your store. Everytime me and the girls go in there, it reminds them of the trip to Paris they took - their favorite place they visited in Europe. What a charming shop you have. See you soon.