Thursday, October 23, 2014







These are only a few reasons why I adore autumn.


Monday, October 20, 2014


Whenever I notice something that is unusual or pretty, I get out my camera and click.  I become entranced with its uniqueness, and start to see some strange beauty about it.  Here are a few.

When I drive through to order my coffee, there is a bush with lots of bees swarming around it.  I think it's lavender, but not sure.

I couldn't believe this pink rose was still so alive in October.

I thought these doves sitting on the wire were sweet.

I got up early Tuesday morning around 6:30, and while sipping on my coffee, I saw a beautiful sunrise dazzling the sky with pink and purple.

This was such a fat bird that I thought it was an owl at first, until I took a closer look.

I thought these were so unusual but very pretty, and I'm wondering what kind of flower they are?

This seagull seemed to be as interested in me as I was in him.

When I was walking at the park, I noticed this underneath my feet.

Jess has got me hooked on the chocolate cookies at Panera Bread - Yum!

These are planted in the front of my house.  The rain the last couple of days have made them bloom.

I am loving the white pumpkins this year.

So, whenever I see anything that has a bit of wonder, I just get out my camera and click.

 all pictures by me, except last one

Friday, October 17, 2014

Working Hard and Wishing on a Star

Hello blog friends! As I'm sure you've seen from our recent posts, the girls at Red Rose Alley have been busy! Sheri is settling into her lovely new home.

Jess is unpacking her own boxes and working hard in her new teaching position this fall.

And me? I've been hard at work on my dissertation for the last couple of months. I'm hoping to finish my Ph.D. in English Literature this coming spring!

But like my mom and sister, I feel that sometimes you have to take a break from all the hard work to enjoy life's pleasures.

So a few weeks ago, around our two year wedding anniversary, my husband and I took the day off to celebrate our happy marriage at the happiest place on earth!

We had a blast on the rides!

The park was decorated for the season in festive fall colors.

We shared a special anniversary dinner at the "Blue Bayou" (they even lit a candle in a Mickey-shaped chocolate cake for us)!

Of course there were fireworks!  

It was such a magical anniversary, and a much needed break from all of the dissertation work in the last few weeks. I've feel so fortunate to have found my prince, but I'll be wishing on a star that my Ph.D. dreams come true soon!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Page Pumpkins

I have been so busy teaching and trying to settle into my new home. 

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary..."
 ~Edgar Allan Poe 

However, October is my most favorite month, so Nel and I managed to squeeze in a spirited craft night!

I have been wanting to test out the book page pumpkins that I have seen floating around Pinterest. 

All you need are a few pumpkins from the Dollar Store, extra book pages that you don't mind tearing up, Mod Podge, a little Spanish Moss, and a simple tree branch or twig. 

We began by tearing pages from a duplicate book copy that Nel owned. (Honestly, I cringed a little while tearing up the pages!)

Next, we painted our pumpkins in parts with Mod Podge and secured the book page strips to them. We then applied Mod Podge all over the book pages. 

This craft can be a little messy as it turns out best if you use your fingers to flatten the book page strips to the pumpkin as you are Mod Podging. We also found it easiest to paint our pumpkins in sections at a time. 

Once we covered our pumpkins, we let them dry overnight, then we hot glued Spanish moss and a twig to each. Pretty simple!

"There is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in the proportion." 
~Edgar Allan Poe  


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Everything Is Art

" I think everything in life is art.
What you do.
How you dress.
The way you love someone,
and how you talk.
Your smile
and your personality.
What you believe in,
and all your dreams.
The way you drink your tea.
How you decorate your home.
Or party.
Your grocery list.
The food you make.
How your writing looks.
And the way you feel.
Life is art."
~Helena Bonham Carter
J.W. Waterhouse Painting
Have a lovely weekend.
~Sheri, Jess, Nel

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Splendid Day

Last weekend, we went to an outdoor mall called Santana Row.  It had a very cool atmosphere with restaurants and shops throughout the mall and on every corner.  We had lunch at a tea time place, which was so lovely.  I felt like I was in England, ordering my cucumber sandwiches and English Breakfast tea.  Here's a few pictures of our fun weekend.  

Have a nice
October day.