Friday, May 27, 2011


I was in the parking lot a few days ago, and an older lady pulled up beside me.  My head was turned, so I didn't see her for a few seconds.  She got out of her car and stood by my door.  I rolled down the window, and she said to me, "You have a very nice profile.  I was driving up and I noticed it."  I said to her, "aaahhh... that's sweet, thank you."  She said, "God bless you, dear."  I thought to myself, "What a precious lady."

These flowers fascinate me.  They look like a profile of birds.  They also, in a strange way, look like they have personalities. 

Speaking of birds....
I'm particularly fond of this bird.

Have a nice weekend.


Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi there!
What a sweet lady that was! You know, one little kind comment can totally change someone's whole day! Sometimes, one little comment can make a big impact on someone's life! I try to remember this sometimes... Thank you for reminding us all to take time out to be nice to take the time to say something uplifting and kind. I LOVE your flower photos! When I lived in Florida, I used to have a bird of paradise plant out by my pool area in a large planter. I have always thought they were so exotic looking... They do look like birds from the side. I love the smiling bird, too!!!! So cute! Have a wonderful day today and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I am enjoying your blog... (((((hugs))))) Kim

Sheri, Jess, and Nel said...

Kim, That's different from where you live now. The girls are actually taking a little trip to the Seattle area soon. Every now and then we go to Starbucks in the Old Town where I live just to catch up. They told me they will go to the place where Starbucks first originated in Seattle. Can't wait to see their photos. Happy Memorial Day to you, too. You always brighten my day.

Pam Jackson said...

Love that beautiful...and so is the little bird below!