Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

The girls at Red Rose Alley wish you a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be blessed with good food... 

And the warmth of loving family and friends.

Happy Holiday! And thank YOU for the treasured gift of your friendship.

~ Sheri, Jess, & Nel ~


NanaDiana said...

Happy Thanksgiving Girls! I love all you girls!!! xo Diana

JENNIFER said...

Happy Thanksgiving ladies! Hugs Jennifer :o)

val's alentejo said...

Wishing you a happy thanksgiving..there in your home.
best wishes val

magie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Did you have pumpkin pie? My favourite :)
Thanksgiving isn't really celebrated here, but I always make sure we have some pumpkin pie at Christmas. It is hard to find the pumpkin puree here..but after a long search I finally found some of Libby's as well.
Have a lovely day
Magie x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Victoria xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Lucy said...

Happy Thanksgiving ladies. What a beautiful pitcher!
I've enjoyed getting to know you here,Lucy~

Ana said...

Hi Sheri,
Just wanted to drop by to wish you, the girls and the rest of your family a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving... Oh, and thank you for the very sweet comment.

Hugs and Kisses,

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Suzy x

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all your family.
It is wonderful getting to know you all.


Teresa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sheri, Jess and Nel!

Don't forget to "Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

Blessed Be your Home and Family!

Galina Hristova said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear girls!I wish happiness to the whole family!Hugs!

Miky said...

Hi girls ;)

oldthings said...

I am sure that you had a lovely family day !
I wish to all of you love, happiness ,healthy and all the goodies of God !

Kristie Franklin said...

Wishing all of you the best of Thanksgivings! I bet everyone is plum tuckered out from all the food preparation and clean-up! I always eat way to much! :)

miss b said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As we don't celebtate it here, I'll just have to look forward to Christmas for my turkey and all the trimmings!

Antee Gurung said...

Thank u n happy thanksgiving to u girls aswell.......have a wonderful time....:)

Btw do check out my new post
Stay in touch

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Thank you, girls. I hope you enjoyed yours as much I enjoyed mine.

Thanks for stopping by, Sheri...aka fairy lady. ;) By the way, I don't think you'll turn into one, you're already one making plenty of magic across the Land of Blog. ;)
I noticed your music player is gone. I just found out the webpage that handled mine will no longer be running their services, so I'm off to find a new music player.
Wishing you a beautiful week, my friend.