Friday, June 17, 2011

A Twinkle In His Eye

There are some little girls who spend time helping their mom in the kitchen baking cookies and treats.  I was close to my mom, especially in my later years, but the truth is, I spent very little time in the house.  I was always outside playing, running, building forts in the dirt fields that were close to my home.  I spent time with my dad too.  I would have long talks with him while he was planting his garden, he would take me places with him, and I would even go hunting with him when the season started.  I would talk to him, and he would listen.  There's just some people that you "click" with, and that was my dad.  He had a beautiful smile, a big heart, and a twinkle in his eye.

The youngest out of FIVE, he was my best friend.

There is a song that reminds me of my dad, "What a Wonderful World," by Louis Armstrong.  Every time I hear it, I put a smile on my face.  Thank you Dad, for always being there for me.  This Father's Day I am thinking of you and thanking you for showing me what a wonderful world it really is.

"I love my father as the stars - he's a bright shining example, and a happy twinkling in my heart."
                             ~Terri Guillemets


Junk Fairy said...

What a wonderful thought about your Dad. He must have been a great Dad! How lucky you are. Thanks for visiting my little corner.
Wishes & Kisses!

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks, Eloise.
You're a unique and special lady. I love your Blog.

Kim said...


What a beautiful tribute about your precious father who I know you so loved. Thinking of you and yours...


M. said...

Awww, in the pictures of Dad,he looks so young. When he's thinner, he looks like Danny, and when he's heavier, he looks like Matt. You were a Daddy's girl. It must have been hard for you to lose him so young. I was young, too, but not that young. Thanks for the post and Happy Father's Day, Dad! Mona

A Rosy Note said...

What sweet the vintage photos too :)

Red Rose Alley said...

A Rosy Note,
Thank you visiting our Blog. We really appreciate it, and have a beautiful week.

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

What a beautiful posting. I love the first photo of your Dad....I know you have probably seen the movie, Field Of Dreams with Kevin Costner. It is actually on my LONG list of favorite movies. I love the part at the end of the movie...the scene where he sees his Dad appear on the field. Kevin Costner makes a comment..."Look at him, he has his whole life ahead of him and I am not even a twinkle in his eye yet." The first photo of your Dad makes me think of this scene....a scene that brings a tear to my eye everytime I see the movie. I had the pleasure of being an extra in a movie with Kevin Costner when I lived in Houston. I chatted with him a couple of times during the two to three weeks I was involved in the movie. He was a very gracious man....and a loving father to his own children who were there a few days during the filming. I can tell you really loved your goes so fast....two bad we don't realize that as a young person. I would have spent even more time with my Dad.... So glad you had a good father's day at the vineyards in California. We were both blessed to have the fathers we had. Have a wonderful week! xoxo Kim

Red Rose Alley said...

Hi Kim,
My favorite show with Kevin Costner was "Dances with Wolves." My husband bought me the movie I liked it so much. Thanks for your sincere comments about my dad. He was one heck of a guy.

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh how sweet. It sounds like you two had a wonderful relationship! I have always loved Louis Armstrong and that song is a favorite!


Anonymous said...

I loved Tommy he had such a great personality. Handsome too. I love the picture of you two.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Sheri
you and me gf. My daddy was the apple of my eye. He was my hero. He lost his legs in the war, so I only knew him with no legs. No big deal for him. He woke up with a smile and went to bed with one. I lost him when I was 25, he was a young 58 and just retired. I talk to him every night in my prayers. I miss him so much. My mom is still with us at 92. Life is short, but I'm glad you have great memories of your wonderful daddy.